Your Grocery List for Super Shiny Hair

If you thought that picking the right shampoo and conditioner was enough to have healthy and shiny hair, we must tell you that it is not. What your hair also needs is the right kind of nourishment in order to ensure that your hair is healthy and full of life. The hair is mainly made of a protein called keratin. So consuming protein in your food will strengthen the hair. Similarly, there are other vitamins and minerals that are essential to add lustre, boost volume and induce growth of the hair. We take a look at an ideal grocery list for super shiny hair.

Food items that nourish your hair

Your Grocery List for Super Shiny Hair

There is a popular saying that you are what you eat. Eating balanced and healthy meals is essential not just to maintain great health but also to have healthy skin and hair. While external factors like oiling, shampooing and conditioning help maintain your tresses, the internal nourishment is important in making sure that the hair is strong from within. So what should you ideally be eating if you are looking for great hair?

1. Proteins – Legumes, Lean Meat and Soy – The hair is made of protein and needs protein in order to be strong and resistant to breakage. Protein rich foods like legumes, sprouts, lean meat and soy products help you get your daily dose of required proteins. This will help in the increase of the thickness of the hair shaft and prevent it from falling.

2. Vitamins A and C – Greens, carrots, citrus fruits – Vitamins are in general essential in keeping the hair healthy and the scalp free from infections. Vitamin C prevents the production of excessive sebum while Vitamin A fights with the free radicals that mess with the hair texture and health. Incorporate lots of citrus fruits and colored vegetables in your food to get these vitamins into your body. Carrots and sweet potatoes which are rich in beta carotene help in keeping the scalp healthy and the hair nourished.

3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Flaxseed oil, fish oil, avocado, salmon – Omega-3 fatty acids are considered to be superchargers of the skin and the hair. They are healthy fats that help in giving you flawless skin and lustrous locks. Make sure to include at least one of the sources of omega-3 fatty acids in one of your meals everyday.

4.  B Vitamins – Beans, Sprouts, Red Meat and Bran – B Vitamins increase the red blood cells count in your system. More RBCs mean, more oxygen in the blood stream which leads to increased hair growth.

5. Zinc – Beef, Cashews, Chickpeas – Zinc prevents shedding of hair and its breakage. The lack of zinc can cause hair loss, dullness in the strands and increased chances of dandruff in the scalp. You can include more zinc in your diet by consuming beef, cashews and chickpeas.

6. Cysteine – Brussel sprouts, red bell peppers, oatmeal – Cysteine is an amino acid that is essential in the formation of keratin – the building block of the hair. So if it is healthy hair that you seek, then it goes without saying that you would need to add foods rich in cysteine, like red bell peppers and oatmeal into your diet.

7. Silica – Oats, bananas and raisins – Silica is essential to make the hair thick and strong. The simplest way to get silica into your diet is to have a wholsesome bowl of oatmeal with raisins and bananas for breakfast. Not only is it a healthy and an easy to make breakfast option, it also makes your hair more durable.

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