The Great Garlic Debate: Can It Cure Your Acne?

When it comes to skin care, we always take lot of care while selecting the product so that we do not suffer any ill side effects. Although garlic has proved to be an excellent ingredient for the physical health and also as a taste enhancer, it is yet to establish itself as a skin care element. But we have few good reasons as to why garlic is good for skin.

Garlic for Acne

Why Is Garlic Considered Good For Skin?

If you think that people have only recently found that garlic can cure your skin problems then you are wrong. The use of garlic for treating skin ailments was prescribed in the Ayurveda centuries ago. The following properties of garlic help your skin.

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1.  Garlic contains powerful anti-oxidants which help in treating various skin problems.

2.  It is antibacterial and antifungal which helps in curing skin inflammation and other skin infections.

3.  It also contains allicin which helps in improving the texture of your skin making it smooth and supple.

4.  Consumption of raw garlic can also treat your acne scars, blemishes and rashes.

5.  The sulphur component of garlic helps in maintaining your blood flow and thereby giving a glow to your skin.

Garlic for Acne

How To Use Garlic To Fight Acne:

You can always eat garlic for good skin results. However, you can also use garlic externally to cure your pimples.

1.  Apply Some Garlic Pod:

This is a simple and easy trick. You have to simply take 2-3 garlic gloves and squeeze it to take its juice out. Now apply this juice on the affected area and keep it for 5 minutes. After washing you will find your skin with reduced blemishes and scars. You can wash it out earlier if it causes irritation.

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2. Garlic And Vinegar Paste:

Here you can dilute the pungent smell of garlic with vinegar. Take out juice from 2-3 garlic cloves and mix it with 2 spoons of vinegar. Apply this on your acne and keep if for 10 minutes. You can wash it and find your skin less irritable and with reduced concentration of acne.

3. Garlic with Honey And Yoghurt:

This is for those who cannot bear the smell of garlic and also do not want to use it undiluted on skin. You can mix garlic juice with honey and yoghurt to make a fine paste. Apply on your skin and feel the spots and zit getting lesser after regular use.

4. Boiled Garlic:

One more way to overcome the smell and harshness of garlic is by boiling it. Take some garlic cloves and submerge it in boiling water. After some time, take the garlic out and let it become warm. Then try to take out its juice using a rolling pin. You can apply this on your pimples without any foul smell.

Thus, you should use garlic to fight acne based on your skin profile. If you find it severe for your skin then try diluting it with other ingredients.

Some Contraindications For Using Garlic To Fight Acne:

Although garlic has proven benefits for skin, there are still some downsides of using garlic.

1. It is found that people who are affected with acne rosacea are adversely affected by the consumption of garlic and thus garlic may  not be suitable for them.

2. Those people who consume excess of garlic often have foul odour in breath as well as sweat and they might face problems of nausea, heartburn or upset stomach more often.

3.  Garlic has blood thinning properties and when consumed in liberal quantities, it can be a cause of internal bleeding.

Thus, there are advantages as well as disadvantages of consuming garlic and using it externally thus one should use it only after thorough considerations.

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