Got a Sunburn? – Tips and Precautions to Remove the Peeling Skin Smoothly

So your latest vacation has ‘rewarded’ you with a few sunburns and the worst thing is that they have started peeling. Ouch! It might be the result of your long sun exposure with an unprotected skin. But now the question is how to remove those peels without causing more harm to yourself? Well, let us guide you:

Remove the Peeling Skin Smoothly

Tips to Remove Sunburned Peeling Skin

1. Take a bath with lukewarm water at least twice every day. It will soothe your damaged skin and turn it softer, thereby making the peeling part loose enough to be removed easily.

2. When the skin starts to peel, just wipe it off with a soft wet washcloth. You can also use a disposable cleaning cloth for this purpose. Be as gentle as possible so that the loose skin pieces come off easily. A little pressure and circular movements of fingers will do.

3. If you find that a part of dried skin is hanging loosely, just cut it off with scissors. Be careful so that you don’t end up hurting the healthy skin tissues.

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4. Apply pure aloe vera gel to your sunburned peeling skin. Being super-hydrating, it will moisturize the skin deeply and restore its natural health gradually. As a result, the total amount of damaged sin will reduce, thereby making your task easy.

5. Use a homemade natural scrub to exfoliate the dead skin cells from your sunburned area gently yet effectively. Just add 3 tablespoons of pure almond oil to 6 tablespoons of granulated sugar and rub the affected area of the skin with this mixture. The oil will hydrate the skin, while sugar will remove dead cells without causing too much damage or irritation.

6. Nourish your skin from inside in order to rehydrate as well as speed up the healing of your sunburned, peeling skin. For this, you have to drink plenty of water every day. It will rejuvenate the troubled part of the skin and minimize the amount of peeling.

7. Pick a good skin care product that contains alpha hydroxy acid. Using it regularly on your sunburned skin will make the exfoliation very easy and smooth. It will also help in the regeneration of cells in the troubled area.

8. Once the skin is peeled completely, apply an antibiotic cream around its edges. It will keep irritation low and protect the rest of the skin from getting infected.

Remove the Peeling Skin Smoothly

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Words of Caution

Now, here are a few preventive measures that you must take into account while following the aforementioned tips:

  • Never ever pull any loose, hanging part of skin as this can harm the adjacent sunburned area, which is yet to be dried. Consequently, you will experience bleeding or permanent scarring.
  • No matter how much tempted you are to itch the skin, just control yourself at any cost. Itching or scratching can lead to serious infection. So, just take some cold water or an ice cube and apply on the affected area. It will cool down the sunburned skin and give you temporary relief.
  • While taking a bath, make sure that the water is not hot. Or else, you will end up irritating your skin too much.
  • Always pat dry your wet skin with an ultra-soft towel. Rubbing or using abrasive materials can aggravate the situation and harm the good tissues present under the damaged surface layer of the skin significantly.
  • The aloe gel you are going to apply on your sunburned skin should not have any sort of aroma or color added to it.

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