How to go about Post Hair Restoration Care

Now that you have had your hair restoration surgery, it is also essential to focus on post hair restoration care in order to ensure that there are no complications and to make your surgery successful. Since the surgical wounds are tender and can get infected easily, it is important to pay special attention while tending to them. Also, there could be swelling and numbness in the scalp. However, there is no cause for worry since we tell you what to expect after the surgery and give you step by step instructions about how to go about post hair restoration care.

What to Expect after Hair Restoration Surgery

As expected with any surgery, you might experience tenderness and pain in the scalp area for a day or two. It is normal for some swelling to occur in the forehead. It should settle down by the next morning. You could use an ice pack on the forehead to reduce the swelling.

Post Hair Restoration Care

  • Your hair will be bandaged and secured with a bandanna after the surgery. Do not scratch or pick on the operated area.
  • Sleep with your head in an elevated position using a couple of pillows. You will be advised to do so for a week after the surgery.

Post Hair Restoration Care

  • 24 hours after the surgery, remove the bandage and wash your hair with the shampoo provided by the clinic. You will have to gently clean the scalp with the shampoo. You will be instructed to shampoo your scalp 2-3 times to make sure it is thoroughly clean. Do not use water at high pressure to rinse your scalp. You do not need to cover the scalp with bandage anymore.
  • For a week following the surgery, wash your scalp everyday with the shampoo provided by the clinic. If you must use a blow dryer, make sure you do not turn on the warm setting. Use it in the cool mode only.
  • You will be given a spray from the clinic to help you with the healing of the sutures and to prevent any infection. Make sure to follow the instructions and to spray the solution on the scalp as prescribed.
  • For the first ten days after the surgery, be gentle with your hair, avoiding vigorous brushing and combing. After ten days, you can comb and style your hair as you please.
  • Avoid bending or picking heavy weights for 2-3 days after the surgery.  You do not want to do so and tear any stitches. Also remember to not involve yourself in any rigorous physical activity that may damage the sutures. It takes 2 weeks for the transplanted hair to get completely set in the new location. After this you can resume regular physical activity.
  • In the course of your day to day activities, it is possible to observe some bleeding in the area where new hair has been planted. It is normal. Simply place a clean cotton cloth on it and apply slight pressure to absorb excess blood from the surface. DO NOT USE an ice pack on the grafted area. However, in case of any pain in the donor area, you can apply a pack there.
  • Your sutures will be removed 1-2 weeks after the surgery. The doctor will also check your scalp health during the visit.
  • It is normal for the hair in the grafted area to shed after two weeks of surgery along with some part of the scalp too. Do not panic. Continue keeping your scalp clean.

If you adhere to these instructions, you should be free from any kind of complication after the surgery. You would mostly be prescribed Rogaine in order to control hair loss. Apply it nightly and you should see new hair growing in the transplanted site in 10-12 weeks.

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