Go ‘Fab’ from ‘Flab’ – 10 Tricks to Disguise Your Bulging Tummy

Do you feel embarrassed for your bulging tummy whenever you go to a party? Well, no more worry. We have compiled a few tricks that would help you go ‘fab’ from ‘flab’ without altering your figure. Know here how to disguise your bulging tummy in a fashionable way:

1. Gathered Tops

Gathered Tops

Wearing shirts or tops that have elasticized gatherings over different areas can be an excellent way for you to create an illusion of flat stomach. It is really hard to understand whether the waves formed at your abdominal area is a result of your weight gain or the addition of extra fabric.

2. Shirt-Tail Tops

Shirt-Tail Tops

Tops with shirt-tail hem can also be of your great choice. They simply go down and cover the bulged abdomen in a nice away. Moreover, the exclusive cut of the tops will reveal your hipbones in such a manner that you will look absolutely slimmer and sexier.

3. Wrap Dresses

Wrap Dresses

Here is another weapon for you to hide your belly fat in a stylish manner. Be it a full-length wrap dress or an elegant wrap top, you can look gorgeous in almost each and everything by defining both your bust line and waistline.

4. Low-Waist Skirts / Pants

Do you think that low-waist skirts or pants draw attention to the excess belly fat? Well, you are wrong. If you put on beautiful skirts or pants that have low waists, you can make your stomach look almost half of its actual size. So, go and get them today!

5. Loose Jeans

Loose Jeans

Yes, you read it right. Wearing jeans that fall loose in your waist area does not focus on your belly fat. Rather, it drives away the attention of people from your tummy and gives you a slimmer appearance. However, make sure that you choose the jeans that are only one size bigger from your actual size.

6. Short and Tight-Waist Jackets

Jackets are always in fashion and even women with excessive belly fat can look elegant in these. But unlike other women, they should only go for short-waist jackets with proper fitting. It will give your waistline a tight and defined look so that you do not need to worry about looking heavy.

7. Stylish Jumpsuits

If you want to hide your belly fat and look fashionable at the same time, jumpsuits can work as the savior for you. Bright colored jumpsuits look extremely trendy with sleek smart belts and it can also play a crucial role in hiding your bulging tummy.

8. Floor-Length Gowns

Floor-Length Gowns

When it comes to putting your belly out of sight, lengthy gowns can turn out to be an amazing solution. They go up to the floor and cover up almost all of your body flaws including a plump mid-section. So, opt for these loose-fit gowns and look fabulous.

9. Knotted Shirts

Knotted shirts or tops are another way to camouflage your belly fat. The knots present in such garments fall right around the abdominal area, which helps in covering up the additional fat. To get even more slimming effect, pick knotted clothes having stripes in them.

10. Animal Prints

You can also choose dresses with large and vibrant animal prints that can easily catch the attention of people. These are cool, trendy and absolutely perfect for veiling tummy fat.

Just follow these tricks and get gorgeous by disguising your bulging tummy.

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