How to Give Your Nose a Slimmer Look with Makeup

You are not blessed with a sharp, beautiful nose. But why allow it to be a major flaw in your gorgeous face? No need to go under the knife, you can now hide that bulbous feature of your nose with the help of some simple yet clever makeup tricks. Here we go:

Give Your Nose a Slimmer Look with Makeup

How to Slim Down a Wide / Broad Nose with Makeup

(a) Makeup Items You Will Need

  • Primer: You can pick a primer according to your choice. It can be your regular foundation, favorite BB cream or even any other product intended for this purpose only.
  • Contouring Product: It can either be a powder or a cream specifically made for the purpose of contouring.Proper application of these products can give right contour with perfect shadow color.However, contouring products can also be replaced with a foundation (at least 2 or 3 shades darker than your actual skin tone) or an eye shadow (matte brown in color).
  • Highlighter: There are matte highlighters available in the market, which are exclusively made for contouring noses. Besides, you can also use a foundation (at least 2 or 3 shades lighter than your actual skin tone) or an eye shadow (nude or off white in color).
  • Angled Brush: A small and firm angled brush is necessary for contouring noses nicely. The angled structure will give you better control over the portion where the application of the products stops.
  • Blending Brush: A fluffy blending brush is vital for blending the contouring makeup of noses in the right manner and giving a soft finish. It can also be replaced with a makeup sponge.

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(b) Step-By-Step Instructions:

Give Your Nose a Slimmer Look with Makeup

1. Preparing Base

Well, preparing a base for your contouring makeup is optional. However, priming the skin is always a wise idea for any sort of makeup as you can get a better control over the whole process and reach a realistic end result in this way. So, apply the primer evenly with a makeup brush or simply by using your fingers.

2. Contouring

Now, start contouring your nose with the contouring product of your choice. Basically, you have to apply the product to both sides of the nose in straight yet soft lines just by dipping the angled brush into it. But, it is important to place the lines the right way according to the type of nose and its flaws. You can follow some common rules:

  • Wide All the Way: In case your nose is wide all through its length, move your angled brush up starting right from the tip. Go up to the bridge of the nose so that you can blend it into the starting point of the eyebrows.
  • Wide at the Tip: In case your nose is a little wide at its tip,move your angled brush so that a descending arrow is created near that portion. It will make the bulbous section look much thinner.
  • Wide at the Base: In case your nose is a little wide at its base, move your angled brush in such a way that a small line is created in the outward direction right near the nostrils. Your nose will look much slimmer around its base.

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3. Highlighting

After contouring, it is time for highlighting your nose. Just clean off the same angled brush and make use of it. Dip it into the highlighting product of your choice and create a thin soft line along the center of the nose. If you have problem with a certain portion of your nose, you should highlight is just half-way down.

4. Blending

Finally, put your effort in blending the makeup well. You can either take a fluffy makeup brush and blend the lines separately or make use of a makeup sponge for this purpose. Keep blending until you get a true natural look.

So, are you happy with your slim-trim, perfectly sharp nose now?


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