How to Get Surfer-Girl Hair – 3 Different Styles for You

How many of you dream of wearing the cool and casual hairstyles of surfer girls? Those loose, ropy, sun-drenched tresses are extremely appealing to fashion-conscious women and there is no doubt about it. But how to catch the wave and opt for that messy yet classy style? Well, here is the solution for you. Discover the ‘how-to’s of 3 wonderful surfer-girl hairstyles in this article:

1. Elegant Swoop Hair

 Elegant Swoop Hair

When it comes to the most effortless surfer hairstyle, nothing can be compared with the smart and elegant hair swoop. If you want to sport the hairstyle, follow this step-by-step method:

  • Dampen your hair to begin the styling process. You have to arrange the hair present at the frontal section of your head in the shape of a rectangle. Make sure that it lies between the end parts of your eyebrows and extends up to 4 inches starting from your hairline.
  • Apply a hair Volumizing spray in order to give the roots of your hair the required lift.
  • Now, it is time to blow dry your tresses and provide them with the proper hold. For this purpose, you must make use of a round brush and blow-dry the hair right in the upward direction. Allow it to dry for some time.
  • Then, wrap a certain portion of your hair around three of your fingers and form a pin curl. Keep it in place with the help of a bobby pin and let it cool down.
  • Now, apply salt spray all over your hair excluding the pin curl. Also, mess it up a little with the help of your fingers so that it gets a rough-dried look.
  • After that, remove the bobby pin and take the curl out. You need to spray some dry shampoo right at the roots of your hair present at the middle of this section.
  • Finally, turn the maximum hair of this section over to any one side of your head. Create a side part starting from the curve of your brow and make sure that it goes toward your crown slantly. It will create a sexy big swoop and a cute mini swoop on either side of your head.

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2. Chic Beach Bun

Chic Beach Bun

This stylish updo will give your hair a slightly messy look, while emphasizing the beauty of your neck and focusing on your height. Wearing this style is super easy and you can do this in the following way:

  • Start with completely dry hair as it would make the process of styling faster. Take enough mousse and apply it thoroughly from the roots to the tips of your tresses. This is extremely necessary for getting proper grip.
  • Blow-dry your hair roughly by turning your head upside down. Keep tousling it all through the process with your fingers. It will help you dry up the mousse nicely.
  • Now, take all your flipped hair together and make a ponytail. It should strictly be on the top of your head rather than at your crown.
  • Turn your head back to the normal position and divide the ponytail into two sections. At first, twist them separately and then do the same once again by taking them together. After that, twist the entire thing around the base of the ponytail. Use bobby pins to keep it in place.
  • Finally, apply salt spray generously all over the hair.

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3. Gorgeous Ropy Waves

Gorgeous Ropy Waves

And, here is the way to create a gorgeous surfer-girl look just by flaunting these amazing ropy waves. Check out the simplest procedure:

  • Wet your hair slightly and apply lots of mousse to it. You should keep it tangle-free by using a wide-tooth comb during the method.
  • Turn your hair upside down and blow-dry properly.
  • Now, blend salt spray with some dry oil and apply the mixture to your hair. You need to take one section of hair (around 3-inch) at a time and go from the roots to the tips gradually, while twisting the entire section away from the face.
  • Do it for rest of the hair so that you get relaxed twists of different sizes.

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