Get the Sexy Beach Waves Easily With Sea Salt Spray

Hair has always made a statement in terms of fashion from time immemorial. A bad hair can spoil the whole personality. Therefore it is very important that every girl should understand the value of her hair and look after them and style them well to be in sync with today’s trending fashion. The current trending hair style is beach waves and we have seen every celebrity sporting. Beach waves are soon becoming everyone’s favorite.

Sea Salt Spray for Hair

So how do you get those beach waves? Not everyone is blessed with wavy hair, right? These waves can easily be got by some really simple product and that is sea salt spray. Sea salt spray is what will help you get those sexy waves which you can flaunt away. After dry shampoo, the most eye catching trends have been beach waves and everyone wants to know about it. Sea salt spray is also called as beach waves spray; this name makes its use quite obvious.

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In the market we get a lot of ready-made products called beach wave spray or sea salt spray however these products will have a lot of chemicals in it which could be damaging to the hair in the long run. We can make our own homemade se spray salt and use it and be free of all the tensions and yet get those beautiful waves.

Following are some simple DIY sea salt spray recipes:


  • Warm water- 1 cup
  • Sea salt- 1/2 teaspoon
  • A good hair conditioner-1/2 teaspoon
  • Aloe Vera gel- 1 teaspoon
  • Epsom salt- 2 tablespoons

Method: Take a good spray bottle, clean it well. First put the warm water into the bottle, next add the Epsom salts followed by sea salt, and Aloe Vera. You can also add a few drops of essential oil or perfume if you want fragrance. Next put the lid back on the bottle and close it tight. Shake the bottle fully for about 2 minutes until you see that the sea salt and Epsom salts are completely dissolved. You can store this sea salt spray for good three to four months at room temperature.

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Recipe of sea salt spray


  • Sea salt- 1 teaspoon
  • Aloe Vera gel or any hair gel- a small amount
  • Coconut oil- 2 teaspoons
  • An empty spray bottle

Method: Fill the empty spray bottle with one cup of water and make sure the water is lukewarm. Into that add the coconut oil, hair gel and sea salt. Close the lid of the bottle and shake it well.

Okay so now you have two great recipe of sea salt spray, but how will you use it? Do not worry, I will tell you how. Leave your hair open and comb them well. Spray a little water and dampen the hair a bit. Now spray the sea salt spray on the hair layer by layer. Then leave it to dry naturally.


  • Never spray the sea salt spray on the hair roots. Always spray it one inch away from the roots.

  • Sea salt hair spray should not be used on a regular basis as the sea salt is not really good for your hair. It can dry your hair in the long run.

  • Use the sea salt spray only when it is required.

Sea salt spray basically endows a textured look to the hair which is normally got after you spend a day at the beach. Now it is not possible for us to get this look therefore when we want to have those beautiful waves we can rely on this homemade sea salt spray and get the look quite easily. So rock this summer with the extremely stylish beach waves and enjoy being the centre of attention, girls.

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