How to get rid of Fever Blisters

Painful abscess erupting around areas of mouth, nose and chin are often called fever blisters. These lesions make the affected skin red and swollen. Caused by Herpes Simplex Virus, fever blisters may take 10-15 days to heal completely on its own. This time course is actually long and painful. Hence, people often look for remedies which can instantly help them in getting rid of such painful skin sores.

Fever Blisters

Although, there are not many quick fixes which can help you in staying away from fever blisters forever, a few home remedies can actually  aid you in cutting down your days of suffering. If used carefully, these medicines also limit the impact of blister causing virus and prevent reoccurrence of these painful sores. Browse through the article and find a solution for yourself, if you are also tired of getting fever blisters again and again.

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Treat your fever first – The foremost reason that triggers fever blisters is your increased body temperature which is often caused by flu or cold. To keep your fever in check, take lukewarm baths and use cold compresses. This will help you in reducing your body temperature. Taking fever controlling medicine is another step of the fever treatment process. Once the temperature comes to normal, your body will regain its immunity and will not allows blister causing virus to expand more.

Apply Ice – The simple ice is a cure for many skin issues. It works efficiently to cut down the size of fever blisters too. Apply ice on the affected area after every 45 minutes. Within a few hours you’ll notice the change. Your blisters would not be as big and painful as before.


Use of Aloe vera Gel – Aloe vera is known for its medicinal properties. This natural wonder does wonders in treatment of fever blisters too. Application of aloe vera gel on blister affected area helps in reducing sensitivity as well as curing infection in the skin.

Aloe vera gel

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Common Salt treatment – Common salt is a medicine too and it leaves miraculous impact in treating fever blisters. Clean your hand and gently apply common salt on the impacted skin. It helps in quick healing of fever sores.

Toothpaste, baking soda and apple cider vinegar as fever blister treatment– Apart from these impactful medicines which are mentioned above, there are lot many other medications too which can help you in getting rid of fever blisters. Some of them are toothpaste, baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Baking soda is a potent treatment for fever blisters owing to its chemical composition while sodium laurel sulphate in toothpaste makes it a great cure for fever prone abscess. Apple cider vinegar is considered as a wonderful treatment for fever blisters due to its anti-bacterial properties.


To stay away from fever blisters you must take care of a few important points –

  • Avoid coming in close contact with people who have blisters.
  • Whenever you are touching your infected skin, make sure that your hands are washed and do not forget to wash your hands after touching your skin sores or applying medicine on them. This will prevent the herpes virus to spread on other parts of your body.
  • Keep the affected area moist. For example, if you have fever blisters on our lips, apply lip balm on it. (Make sure to not use this lip balm after your sores are healed.)

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