How to Get Rid of Birthmarks Naturally and Safely

Do you feel conscious and odd in public due to your birthmark? Though known to be harmless, these birthmarks sometimes look strange, if present on prominent areas of body parts. As you think of some safe and natural ways to get rid of it, here we bring for you a synopsis on birthmark and its easy steps of removal.

What is Birthmark?

Birthmarks are basically patches on the skin that is caused due to discoloration on human body. Sometimes increase in the number of blood vessels also result in patches in the body. Though mostly these marks are present since birth, it’s very rarely that some spots may appear later. According to medical researches and studies, it is seen that birth marks are generally associated with heredity and has no specific reasons for its development.

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Types of Birthmarks

There are various types of birthmarks that can be found in different parts of a baby. However, the common and easily recognized marks include the following:

• Cafe-au-lait spot
• Moles
• Red salmon patches
• Hemangiomas

Natural Ways to Remove Birthmarks

With advanced methods of treatment, no doubt you will easily find many ways to remove birthmarks. However, it is always better if you can opt for the natural and herbal process, thus ensuring zero side effects. Get to know about some of the simple yet extremely effective home remedies to get rid of birthmarks.

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Treat your affected area with lemon juice: It is a known fact that lemon juice has properties of bleaching agents in it. Widely used to remove any mark or stain, it is advised that you use lemon juice on the affected area regularly. Mix lemon juice with honey and use it on the affected area. Wash off with warm water after 20 minutes to get maximum benefit. Repeat this process at least two times daily and get to watch the positive effects within weeks. The acid content of lemon will not only lighten the birthmark but only help it fade off gradually.

Bank on olive oil for positive help: Another natural ingredient that is known to be highly effective in removal of birthmarks is the olive oil. Available in our household kitchens, this oil has been observed to be powerful in not only moisturizing but also lightening of the skin tone. If utilized regularly, olive oil can definitely help you get rid of dead cells and birth marks within a short span of time.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ice pack can also help remove birthmarks: Ice cubes are known to enhance the blood circulation which adds firmness to skin pores, thus helping in making the marks appear faded and dull. Make sure to gently rub ice cubes on the affected area regularly for at least 5-10 minutes for best results.

Amazing Beauty Benefits of Ice Cubes

Tomato juice to remove marks: Also try tomato juice to get rid of your natural birthmarks. Known to be high in anti-oxidant content, tomato can successfully lighten the mark, if used on a daily basis. You can also mix vitamin E supplements with tomato juice to lighten the birthmarks sooner.


Apart from these two natural ways, you will also find many surgical processes of birthmark removal to consider. Make sure that you take the guidance of a professional doctor beforehand to avoid any problem or side effects.

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