How To Get A Natural Blush Look ?

Ever seen those models either on the internet, in the papers or in real life and wondered how on earth would they have gotten that beautiful rosy red colour or yet another highly unachievable colour to look so effortless and pretty on their cheeks? Yes, right? You too, can, and it won’t take more than following a few simple steps to ace that look, and that too, with grace. Here are the following:

How To Get A Natural Blush Look ?

1. Choose the right blush

Choose what type works for you. Where powder and gel blushes are good for oily skin; cream is good for normal and dry skin. This should match your skin shade.

2. Apply the blush last

Now if you’re planning to wear full makeup, be sure not to apply blush until makeup on the rest of your face is complete.

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3. Prepare

Also, If you’re using powder, sweep some medium-sized brush through the blush then tap it to remove the excess. While using a cream or gel, dab some on your ring finger. Starting with just a little blush is ideal as it’s easier to add more to your face than to rather take off too much of it.

4. Applying blush

Apply  blush to the centre of the apples on one side of your cheek, blending the colour  on your cheekbone. In case you’re using a cream or gel, mark the colour first, then use your finger or maybe a makeup sponge to blend it in. To ace the natural look, make sure to always concentrate on the colour and  blending. Then apply the blush on each side, not any lower than your nostril.

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5. Precautions

In case, you accidentally apply too much powdered blush, cover all of it with some translucent powder to tame it. The excess cream can be blotted with the help of a tissue. And by chance, you overdo it with a gel, wash it off and then reapply sparingly.

How To Get A Natural Blush Look ?

Tips to apply beautifully:

1. They should be well-blended around the edges so the circles or stripes won’t be seen. Some people prefer to use a big dome-shaped brush that will spread the colour sheerly so that once can gradually build some intensity, as opposed to rather going complete bright circles at just once. The right kind of brush is not too big, so you still have control, and neither is too small, where the colours look kind of blotchy.

2. Whenever you’re done brushing on your blush, make sure to blend it around the edges with a sponge or puff. This makes makes the colour even more believable looking. You could use a regular wedge shaped sponge to carry this out.

3. It is also necessary to pick the colours that mimic the actual flush your cheeks get. Keep in mind that the darker your skin, the deeper the shade, so that way it’ll always show up. Darker skin with blush that’s too light will not be ideal.

4. Don’t overdo it. You can save the shimmer-filled powder blush for the evening. In daylight it’ll look extremely fake and this shimmer will make your skin look way more dry and bumpy Is no secret. Hence instead, you can opt for some fine silky formulas that will accentuate your skin colour better.

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