Get Gorgeous in Monsoon with These Makeup and Hairstyle Tips

Love those cooling showers of monsoon right after the scorching heat of the summer? We too. But will you really like your makeup to get washed out while enjoying those beautiful rainfalls of the amazing season? Don’t worry. Here are some exclusive makeup and hairstyle tips for you to prevent monsoon meltdown and look your best:

Get Gorgeous in Monsoon with These Makeup and Hairstyle Tips
Monsoon Makeup Tips

Before you start your makeup, make sure that all your tools and brushes are clean and dry. Also, do not ever share your makeup products and accessories during this season with others as it may lead to severe skin infections. Now, here are the wonderful tips for a perfect monsoon look:

Though foundation is not so necessary, primer is a must for monsoon makeup. Opt for a matte-finish primer to protect your makeup from humidity, over secretion of oil and oxidation. If you have to use foundation, pick a matte one so that you can make your makeup last longer instead of messing it up.

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Replace your foundation with a good quality face powder. However, make sure that you apply it only for eliminating the greasiness of your t-zone. You should also keep some blotting sheets handy for absorbing sweat in due course.

Cream blushers are the best for the rainy season. They are perfectly resistant to water and hence, stay intact (just blot the water with a makeup tissue) even when you get drenched. Pick brown or peach depending on your mood and keep it light.

Be regular with your eyebrow threading during monsoon. But skip shaping them with eyebrow pencils. Rather, you can brush them by using a small amount of hair gel. If you love to use falsies, ensure that you have waterproof adhesive for this purpose.

Monsoon can completely ruin your eye makeup. So, it is recommended that you stay away from using kohl and choose only water-resistant eye liners. Instead of cream-based eye shadows, select the powder ones for highlighting your eyes. Pastel shades like beige, brown, etc. are best for this time. Your mascara should also be highly resistant to water.

Bright and luscious lips are perfect to complement the sheer eye makeup of monsoon. Go for crème matte shades having long-lasting formula. They are very easy to maintain all through the day.

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Monsoon Hairstyle Tips

When it comes to styling our hair during monsoon, we often become bewildered. Dry scalp, oily hair, excessive dandruff, frequent hair fall, etc. are some of the major issues that prevent us from sporting different hair styles this time. Check out the following tips to get the right solutions:

Excessive hairstyling should strictly be avoided throughout the rainy season. Despite elaborate hairstyles, go for short and sweet haircuts. It will keep your tresses manageable by preventing tangles and you will be able to redo it anywhere anytime.

Short and shoulder-length haircuts are the best for this season as they need minimal maintenance. If you are really reluctant to cut down your long hair, make sure that it is tied up into a top knot all the time. Those who need to travel frequently should get in touch with their hairstylists and opt for a convenient style to suit their needs.

Some easy yet trendy hairstyles for monsoon are pixie, side ponytail, side braid, ballerina bun, loose waves, geometrical, asymmetrical (both gradual and layered), etc. You can also choose to flaunt fringes or bangs to give yourself a cool and chic monsoon look.

Finally, stay away from using lots of styling products for your hair as it may damage your locks to a large extent.

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