How To Get The Fresh, Bright Eyed Look?

Eyes are the mirror to your soul, they say. So isn’t it our duty to make sure our soul is as pure as it seems? For this, makeup and other enhancements might help but for the long run, what is more important is to know what your eye needs and how to give it exactly that. For this, we have put together a few tips that could help you achieve the fresh, bright eyed look that we all yearn for. No more do we have to deal with bulgy, weary eyes. Here you go:

How To Get The Fresh, Bright Eyed Look?

1. To start with, first of all make sure you wash your face in circular motions to exfoliate your skin. This will help in cleaning your skin and freeing it off any previous dirt, bacteria.

2. Now after you are done with washing your face thoroughly, apply some moisturiser onto your face.

3. After you’re done with this, use a tweezer so that it helps to clean up your eyebrows for a much more polished look.

4. Now, when tweezing is done with, use a wax eyebrow fix pen. This is to define the eyebrows without adding any sort of colour, that is another added benefit.

5. This most of us are victims of and therefore we have found a cure. To get rid of the darker area under your eyes that constantly annoys you, apply some concealer. It works beautifully.

6. For an extra coverage on the skin, lightly try to brush on a mineral sheer powder on.

7. Now, to enhance your gorgeous eyes, brush your eyelashes with a coat of some lash primer.

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8. Right after this, use a heated eyelash curler so that they lift your lashes.

9. After this, you might be sorted for some time to come so incase you want, you can stop after this but if you want an even fuller and complete look, add on a few coats of some dark, beautiful mascara.

How To Get The Fresh, Bright Eyed Look?

10. Later, highlight the line of your lower eyelid with maybe a white eyeliner pencil and then swipe some sort of a luminescent cream across both your eyelids.

11. To complete this look, rub some pink blush balm to your cheeks, apply a coat of lip gloss and you’re done for the day.

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How to keep your eyes healthy?

1. Get a full night’s sleep.

There’s only so much you can beautify with makeup. In the end, Getting a good night’s sleep is the most essential for having beautifully bright and healthy-looking eyes.

2. Drink water

This is most important as drinking water is an essential beauty trick. Whenever your body is dehydrated, eyes might appear dull or even bloodshot. Drinking plenty of water will keep them clear bright.

3. Avoid alcohol and other fatty foods

Both these consumables, alcohol and salt might cause your eyes to look a lot more puffy and even swollen, since they help in further dehydrating your body.

4. Eat lots of nutrients

Go through your diet again and then see if you can add more nutrients that will benefit your eyes like carrots, sweet potatoes, meats and almonds.

5. Make sure your lens prescription is correct

Visit the eye doctor regularly to ward off any irritation.

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