How to Get a Darker Colour With Henna?

Each time one applies henna onto the hands and feet, one wishes for it to turn dark red or maroon. It is every bride’s dream that her henna gets the darkest of the shades since for many, the colour of the henna is said to be an indicator of the husband’s love towards her. Despite all of the love, there are chances that your henna may not turn out all that dark due to some slips here and there. But worry not, it is not rocket science. Here is a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts to make sure that you get a really dark colour when you apply henna the next time around.

Dark Henna

1. Get good quality henna

The need for every finished product to be awesome is that the raw material is equally awesome. So make sure that you get a really good quality of henna when you are making your purchase.

2. (do not) Prep your skin

Do not wax your skin or apply any lotion on the day when you are applying henna.

3. Make the paste

The henna paste is made with natural henna powder that is mixed with distilled water, some sugar and cardamom and cajeput essential oils. If you are using store bought henna in a tube, make sure that you slip in some cajeput oil into the cone.

4. Design time!

Now, allow your henna artist to weave magic onto your hands. Let the henna dry for about an hour, after which dab some lemon-sugar solution onto the design with a cotton swab.

5. Show patience

Repeat this process 2-3 times in a six hour duration- letting the henna dry and sealing it back in with sugar solution. It is best if you can leave it overnight, for say about 8 hours. Wrap it gently in a thin cotton cloth to avoid dislodging the design.

6. Scrape off

Once you are through with the drying procedure, gently scrape off the design with the blunt edge of a knife. DO NOT WASH OFF. Clean the remnants gently with a tissue, making sure not to rub anything.

7. Try to leave for an additional 8 hours

I know it sounds impossible, but if you are the bride, then well, you gotta do it for the wedding. After scraping off the mehendi, it will be bright orange in colour. After this, try to avoid water contact for as long as possible. Apply a generous amount of coconut oil all over the henna design and stay tight. As you proceed through the day, you will see that the stain starts darkening. A good 24 hours after scraping off the mehendi, you should be able to get a deep maroon tinge of the henna.

Dark Henna

So the bottom line is that you need to show a lot of patience if you want your henna to get a deep colour naturally. However, if your body is not naturally warm, then getting a deep pigment is sometimes difficult. For that, there are also some quick fix solutions that work for some and don’t work for others.

  • Putting your hand against the steam from roasting cloves in a pan.
  • Apply a thicker sealing agent like cocoa butter or shea butter after scraping off henna from your hand so that even some water falling on your hands will not come in contact with the henna
  • Applying a heat generating substance like slaked lime or chunna on the mehendi will give you an instant darkened colour. 

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