How to Get a Crown Twist Braid Look

Are you looking for a unique hairstyle to try out? What about stylish and elegant Crown Twist Braid? Don’t worry. It is not as complicated as it sounds. If you learn the steps of this hairdo properly, you can’t help but love it! From your special day of wedding to any other grand event, this style can be worn anytime. Want to know more about it? Here is all the information that you need to get this stunning crown twist braid look. Have a look:

Crown Twist Braid Look

Things You Will Need to Create Crown Twist Braid:

  • A soft hair brush
  • An elastic hair tie
  • A few bobby pins
  • Hairspray (if necessary)

Step-By-Step Method to Create Crown Twist Braid:

Check out this step-wise method to come up with a wonderful crown twist braid look:

Crown Twist Braid Look

  1. At first, you need to create a deep part at one side of your head. Let us take the soft hair brush and make the part at the left side. It will give you a clockwise braid. However, for getting a counter clockwise braid, you have to create the part at the right side.
  2. Separate a certain section of hair lying above your left ear. You will be making a crown twist with this bunch of hair. Remember, the thickness of the twist will depend upon the amount of hair you have taken. So, separate the strands of hair accordingly.
  3. Now, divide the separated hair again into two parts and start creating the braid by twisting both of them to the right side of the head. Take the front strand of hair and cross it over the back one so that the twist remains in its place without getting scrambled.
  4. While twisting the crown to the right, keep putting more hair in the front strand each and every time. Do this unless and until the braid becomes close to your right ear. It is important that you add extra hair only to the front strand and keep the crown twist braid as close as possible to your face.
  5. Gradually, move around with your braid and reach just on top of your opposite ear. It means, the braid should be placed in the vicinity of the nape of the neck. Also, wrap the end section of the braid around its starting point at the left side in such a manner that it lies just at the back of the original twist. You can place its edge underneath the front section of the hair and tuck with as many bobby pins as required.
  6. It will create a perfect circle so that your braid looks flawless. In order to keep it at the right place, make use of the elastic hair tie.
  7. Now, you are done with an ideal crown twist braid. Style it up by spritzing hairspray over it. If you wish, you can also enhance your look by wearing some exclusive hair accessories.

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So, are you happy with your crown twist braid look? Let us know.

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