Get a Classic Egyptian-Inspired Eye Look – Tips and tricks

Are you an eye makeup lover? Do you like to experiment with the look of your eyes in all possible aspects? Well, you have come to the right page then. In this post, we are going to talk about some easy tips and tricks that would help you get an authentic Egyptian eye look. So, let’s start:

Egyptian-Inspired Eye Look

Tips for Eyebrows

  • The secret to the dazzling eye makeup of Egyptians is a pair of drawn out as well as highly prominent eyebrows. So, make sure that you give your brows a distinctive look by making it intense and elongated.
  • A moderately sharp arch of eye brows is required to sport a perfect Egyptian eye makeup. Hence, you need to focus on the shape of your brows and accentuate the arch accordingly.
  • You can use a brow pencil to give your brows a prominent and more dramatic appearance. However, do not apply lots of pressure while doing this. Coating the brows with black mascara can also help you get a traditional Egyptian look.

Tips to Choose Hues

  • Green, black and golden are the most popular colors that were used by Egyptians. So, try to incorporate these shades in your eye makeup as much as possible. Other important colors that you can make use of are royal blue, purple and copper.
  • You can either mix-n-match these shades to come up with a captivating color scheme or simply opt for different tones of a single color.
  • Usually, blue is used on the eye lids, while the area between the brow bone and the lid is filled up with golden. It gives a gradient color flow, which looks really nice.
  • You can also apply the golden along the edges of your eye lids and simply use green or royal blue to color the rest of the section.

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Tips for Lining

  • When it comes to the specialty of lining the eyes like Egyptians, the most significant thing is to create a perfect ‘almond shape’ for them. For this purpose, you have to apply eye liner to both your upper as well as lower eye lids in a tactful way.
  • It is of utmost importance that you hold your upper eyelid straight and tightly while lining it. Also, start your job from the inner edge of the eye and go towards the outer corner gradually.
  • Be generous with the amount of eye liner you use for each eye lid as ‘bold’ was the exclusive feature of the Egyptian eye makeup.
  • Line your each of your eye lids in one go. If you stop before reaching the temple, you will not be able to get your desired look. Replicate the step again and again until the density of the lines become absolutely perfect.

Egyptian-Inspired Eye Look

Tips for Using Mascara

  • Pick a high quality mascara with extreme black effect. This would be the best option for you to do the lashing in Egyptian way.
  • The coat of your mascara must be thick enough to make your eyes talking.

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Tips for Shimmer

  • Finally, add some sparkle to your eye lids by dusting an eye shimmer over the eye shadow.
  • It is recommended that you go for the same color of eye shimmer that you chose for your eye shadow.

So, with all this information at your fingertips, are you ready to get an Egyptian-inspired eye look now?

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