How to Get a Classic Bouffant Hair

Just imagine yourself dressed in a lovely white gown and wearing a classic bouffant for an exciting evening party. Well, nothing can be more sophisticated than this elegant fashion combo. So in today’s post, let me tell you about how a bouffant hairstyle is done effortlessly.

Bouffant Hair

Things to Keep Handy for Getting a Bouffant Hair

  • Good quality comb (a fine toothed one is preferable)
  • A few bobby pins
  • Hair ties (you can also include any other hair accessory if you wish)
  • Hair spray
  • Hair clip

Steps to Follow for Getting a Bouffant Hair

Let us start to describe each and every step of creating a bouffant hair thoroughly:

Bouffant Hair

1. Like many other hairstyles, this classic bouffant also needs your hair to be prepared at first. So, we will start with sectioning as well as setting up the locks. It is always recommended that you try bouffant on a hair that is a tad dirty. It will provide you better grip than clean and smooth hair.

2. Now, divide the hair into two sections (front and back sections) by putting one of your fingers below an ear and creating a vertical line up to another. You can also comb your hair in a proper manner and create the vertical part from ear to ear.

3. Leave the front section by clipping it up with a hair clip. Rather, focus on the hair present in the back section. Take a hair tie and tie the hair into a high ponytail. Now, hold the pony up and insert another hair tie in such manner that the entire pony can be pulled through it. But make sure that you keep only 1-2 inches of hair out of the tie. It will help you create a large loop just by twirling the hair tie.

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4. Hold the middle portion of the loop by running your fingers all the way through the pony. Pull the hair tie half the way and twist once again. You have to do it right over any one side of your messy bun. Again, pull the hair tie gradually and this time you have to drag it over to the opposite of the bun. Consequently, you will get a firmly tied knot of hair that is not very organized. Secure both of its sides with as many bobby pins as required.

5. Now, remove the hair clip from the front section of hair and divide it into four smaller parts. There must be two upper parts and two lower parts. Also, comb those parts so that they become smooth to handle. Wrap both lower parts around your messy bun one by one and use bobby pins to keep them attached with it tightly.

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6. Take one upper part and wrap it around the bun diagonally. It means, you have to move the locks over your head and reach the opposite side of the knot at first and come back up around after that. Repeat it for the second upper part of hair too.

7. Finally, run your fingers all through the top section of your hair in order to fluff it out. Also, spritz some hairspray and give the entire hairstyle a good hold.

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