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Looking good is the dream of every human being and there many who spend a fortune to achieve great looks. However it is observed that both men and women are both exposed as a victim to the cosmetic complaint of double chin. Such individuals take several efforts for eliminating this extra fat from their face, in order to achieve a great facial structure.

Double Chin

With technology making several new inventions, one method that can help individuals get rid of their double is via liposuction. Liposuction is a surgical method, wherein the cosmetic surgeon extracts the fats that has accumulated in and around the chin area. However one may have observed how exposing them to surgeries is a difficult decision to make. For people who may have dual thoughts over liposuction may resort to a few non-surgical but effective methods for reducing their double chin.

1. Are you overweight? – Double chin is a commonly faced complaint by individuals who are overweight. Thus start exercising that concentrates on your entire body while losing weight. Facts state that when any person begins to reduce weight, such loss initiates from their facial region. One can incorporate a good diet inclusive of low fat foods, whole grains, vegetables, fruits etc which will in turn help one in losing that extra body fat and help building healthy muscle strength.

2. Maintaining a correct posture –A correct posture maintained while sitting ensures the reduction of double chin as well as for starters makes it less prominent when looked at. Such a practise ensures that the muscles in our jaw line become strong ensuring no fats are been accumulated in the surrounding facial region including chin.

3. Milk a natural toner – Milk can be used as a natural facial mask or for massaging your face which will help tightening and firming the facial skin. Rub in a little milk over your chin and apply a light massage, or mix in honey and milk together and apply as a mask. Make use of lukewarm water for clearing of the milk  in both cases, such application when attempted daily will expedite the process of losing fats from the chin area by making the skin soft and moist.

4. Exercising your jaw muscles by chewing gum – When one chews gum it in turn makes your facial muscles and jaw line constantly move, in other words they perform a workout. Such movement strengthens the muscles and helps burning the excess fats in the chin region.

5. Use an egg – Losing your double chin can be easily achieved by preparing this cosmetic facial mask of egg white, honey, milk, lemon juice, and peppermint oil. Applying such mask on daily basis and washing it off after about half an hour reap good results in toning your chin.

6. Essential ingredient Vitamin E – Another magic remedy for reducing that double chin is by incorporating foods offering vitamin E, in your daily diet. Vitamin E is proven to be beneficial for the facial texture and elasticity.

7. A cup of green tea – You must have heard how green tea is effective in losing those stubborn calories. And burning calories means losing weight which begins with losing facial fats first and thus reducing your double chin. The components that are available in green tea have a scientific significance in increasing the process of metabolism in one’s system. Thus drink green tea and reduce your weight.

8. Pamper your skin with wheat germ oil- Massage your neck with wheat germ oil in order to correct your double chin. Wheat germ oil is blessed with the quality of vitamin E oil which will nourish the skin around your chin area and make it tighter. All you have to do is to rub a little amount of wheat germ oil near your chin area regularly before going to sleep. Then you have to massage it in upwards movements from neck to chin for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Do not rinse off the oil. Let your skin be pampered with the oil overnight. You will be able to experience the change soon if you do it regularly.

9. Consume plenty of water- Consuming plenty of water is the most celebrated process to lose weight and correct the appearance of double chin. Therefore you have to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water in order to keep your body perfectly hydrated and kick away all the unwanted toxins from your body. Along with water you can also consume foods like cucumbers, lettuce and celery that contains water to get rid of you double chin.

10. Applying cocoa butter– Rubbing your throat and chin with cocoa butter can be a best way to correct you double skin. You have to warm a little cocoa butter in the microwave and apply the warm oil on your neck and double area and massage it gently. You can do this regularly before going to sleep and before having shower. Cocoa butter will improve the flexibility of your skin and correct your double chin.

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