Get back your crowning glory with Hair Replacement Surgery

We tend to only wash and condition our hair and let it be until we notice that it is falling off in bunches. By the time you start acting, it is too late. Your hair is thinning and the scalp starts showing in places. You can blame it on the lack of a balanced diet and the modern lifestyle. Hair loss and baldness can be a genetic problem too, especially among the men. While you can try it all to reduce the extent of hair loss, sometimes, preventing it altogether is not possible. And if your hair does not grow back in the spots where there has been severe hair loss, then baldness starts increasing in those areas. One way to deal with it is to surgically get it done through Hair Replacement Surgery.

What is Hair Replacement Surgery?

Hair replacement surgery is the method of removing tiny bits of scalp from the part of your head that bears hair and transplanting them to the areas showing bald patches.

Hair Replacement Surgery

Who can get Hair Replacement Surgery done?

If you are suffering from thinning hair or baldness, you can get the surgery done, albeit if you have hair growth in other parts of your head, which will act as the donor site. The grafts are taken from the donor areas and transplanted in the bald patches. If you do not have enough healthy hair areas to donate, then this option is not for you.

Cost of the surgery

Depending on the extent of baldness and the thickness of the hair, an average transplant can cost anywhere between $4000 and $15000.

How is Hair replacement surgery done?

Hair from the donor area might be removed in grafts that are shaped as circles or strips after administering anesthesia. The hair in each graft can very from 2-3 to 30-40 hairs depending on the requirement.

The hair from the donor site is trimmed and the section of the scalp is removed with a scalpel. The incisions in the donor site are closed using stitches.The graft is then divided into smaller grafts and transplanted into slits or holes in the bald site.

The hair in the healthy sections of your head used for donation grows back. Your previously bald patch also now sports a healthy scalp graft from where new hair growth will occur, leading to a fuller crown of hair.

Risks of the surgery

While there is no major health risk, it might so happen that the newly grafted hair may not take off and start growing in the new location. There have also been instances of infections caused as a result of the surgery.

Post surgery care

Since your scalp is tender after the surgery, you need to be gentle with it. Do not indulge in any heavy duty physical activity. Do not wash your hair for a few days after the surgery. Stitches take about two weeks to be removed.

Hair from the newly grafted areas falls out after a few weeks. This is fully normal. You can expect it to grow back in a couple of months since your scalp is now healthy.

Is Hair Replacement for you?

Hair replacement surgery has seen promising results. If you have thinning hair and are out of all other options, then depending on how much you are willing to spend, you can try the surgery. However, remember that it is not over in one sitting. You might need 3-4 sessions of hair grafting and replacement, spaced out over a year to achieve the desired fullness of hair.

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