10 Foods that will help you gain weight fast

While a majority of women are obsessed with trying to lose extra inches and weight, there is also another group of individuals for whom weight gain is a goal. Being very thin and of very low weight leads to not just issues with confidence levels, but also energy levels and general health.

gain weight fast

Weight training is one way to gain weight. But weight training can make you muscular sometimes. Rather than that, you can try eating certain foods that will help you gain weight. If you are too thin and bony, then do try to include the following foods in your daily diet and start putting on weight right away!

 1. Meat

Proteins are body building foods. Increase your protein intake in order to help your body gain some bulk. Red meat is one of the ways to get a lot of proteins in your diet. Choose fattier cuts of meat and replace all your lean meat consumption with them.

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2. Eggs

It is common knowledge that all body builders overdose on eggs. It is with a good reason. An egg has 70 calories and has 5 gms of fat and 6 gms of protein. The protein in the eggs helps gain muscle. The fat helps you add weight while the omega-3 fatty acids in the eggs are great for your overall health.  Also, it is very easy to incorporate eggs in your diet.

Simple Egg White Face Pack

3. Peanut butter

This is another food item that is rich in carbs, fat and proteins. A teaspoon of peanut butter contains close to a 100 calories, 8 gms of fat, 4 gms of protein and 3 gms of carbs. Also, given that all you have to do is scoop it out of the bottle and eat it up, weight gain does not get any simpler than that.

4. Beans

If you are a vegetarian and want to know how to get your proteins, then beans are the way to go. All kinds of beans are rich in proteins. Soak them and sprout them or cook them into a curry. A cup of beans contains 15 gms of proteins. The best way to consume them would be to sprout the beans and eat them raw or lightly stir fried.

5. Starchy vegetables

Vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and peas are all high in starch. They do not just add to the bulk of the body, but also help in giving you the required amount of energy needed to weight train and build muscle. Include starchy vegetables in your diet in a simple way where you boil the veggie, lightly season them and consume them directly.

6. Whole milk

Whole milk or full fat milk has more calories, protein and calcium when compared to skimmed milk. So replace your skimmed milk with full fat milk if weight gain is your goal.

7.  Nuts

Nuts have a high amount of healthy fats and proteins. Replace your snack with nuts like cashews, almonds, flax seeds or pumpkin seeds. A small serving of nuts is more packed with fats and carbs than your regular snack

Walnuts Healthy Hair

8. Tropical fruits

Tropical fruits like papaya, pineapple, mangoes and bananas are high in sugars. Add a portion of fruit serving to all your meals and it sure will help you gain some weight.  Better still, make a smoothie out of the fruit and some milk and honey and down it for wholesome goodness


9. Avocados

Avocados are full of healthy fats. They are great for the skin and hair. When consumed regularly, they help add weight to the body. Simplest way of eating it would be to scoop it out, sweeten it with honey or sugar and eat! Else, make a smoothie or a salad out of it.

10. Butter and ghee

 Healthy people are normally those who have a good dose of butter and ghee with their food. If you are cutting down on them for the fear of excess cholesterol, then worry not. A small serving of butter and ghee will not do any harm to your body. Have at least two teaspoons of this fatty goodness every day to gain some healthy weight.

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