In-flight Skincare: 7 Awesome Tips to Look Gorgeous Even After a Long Flight

Travelling by flight is indeed exciting. But the atmosphere as well as other conditions inside the airplane can mess with your skin completely. So, how to stay away from getting ‘plane-faced’ and look extremely fresh even after a long flight? Let us provide you the most effective in-flight skincare guide. Here are 7 awesome tips that will help you fight against all those ‘flight factors’ and look utterly gorgeous:

Look Gorgeous Even After a Long Flight

1. Avoid Facial Mist

The air inside an airplane remains extremely dry due to the least humidity of the area. So, if you apply mist, it will attract water from even the deepest layer of the skin and get evaporated altogether leaving a more dehydrated skin.

2. Use a Hydrating Serum

A good hydrating serum is known to be the most basic skin-saver in flight. It goes deep into our skin, balances its moisture level and keeps it super hydrated for a long time so that the dry air can’t take a toll on it.

3. Choose a Sunscreen Moisturizer

It is important that you find out an ultra-rich moisturizer in order to provide the ultimate hydration to your skin during the whole journey. But at the same time, it is also vital that the moisturizer comes with proper SPF (sun protection factor). The combo works as a great protective sealant, when applied on serum.

Look Gorgeous Even After a Long Flight

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4. Apply Facial Oil

Keep a natural facial oil handy, while travelling by flight. You can always apply it in a thin layer over the moisturizer, whenever you need to provide extra protection to your skin, keep it soothed and hydrate it to the deepest stratum inside the airplane.

5. Stay Properly Hydrated

Taking external care of your skin is not enough, when you are in the air. You must also put your effort in keeping your internal system healthy and prevent it from dehydration by drinking plenty of water. Try to consume at least 1 liter of water every 4 to 5 hours in flight so that your body cells remain hydrated and keep functioning properly.

Look Gorgeous Even After a Long Flight

6. Drink Red Wine

Well, it is true that alcohol can dehydrate our body to a large extent, especially inside an airplane, thereby leading to a dry, rough and severely damaged skin. But red wine is a wonderful exception to this. It has been found that this alcoholic beverage is rich in powerful antioxidants, which are amazing for our skin. However, make sure that you always have a glass of water along with a glass of red wine to avoid any sort of negative effects.

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7. Relax!

Now, when you have taken all your in-flight skincare measures, just close your eyes and relax. The best thing that you can do to pass your time in the air is to sleep. Just embrace your eye mask and ear plugs and try to snooze till landing. It will reduce your stress and help you skin restore its natural health in the most effective way.

Hope these tips help you stay fresh and look gorgeous each time you take a long flight. Bon voyage!

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