Fashion Guide: Must-Have Skirts in Wardrobe for 2014

Skirt has always been a key garment in defining fashion trends. Feminine in style, skirts are so all-around that you can find one for any occasion – For work, day out, kitty party, even for a date at the beach or fancy restaurant. They have been one of the oldest fashion creations and the one with most versatility. When invented, did you know they were a piece of clothing for both men and women? Overtime, women took over and we haven’t looked back since then. Shorts and Trousers have long ruled the wardrobe, now it’s time to get even more feminine and sassy. Skirts make it to the wardrobe staple list for 2014, and here’s why you should own a pair of each of these.

Maxi Skirts

1. Maxi Skirts

The full lengthened skirt has had its own twist and turns. This has been designers favorite piece to tweak and trend. It can be worn at a formal dinner, at movies and also to the beach. Swing it the way you like it, maxi skirts are easy to dress and style in, irrespective of the season or occasion. Rope in a sling bag with a crop top or jacket to give you a simple effortless style. These skirts are great for minimalist graceful look.

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Mini Skirts

2. Mini Skirts

Invented in 1965’s miniskirts have epitomized the modern woman’s spirit of dressing. Paired with legging or otherwise, miniskirts make up for a perfect party and summer dressing. The shorter version of mini-skirts are more the thing of teens. What length you choose is more a call of your body type and style.

Ruffled Skirts

3. Ruffled Skirts

Ruffled skirts are also known as the layered or tiered skirt. Most of us have always owned a pair of ruffled skirt or dress. Heading out for a day at the movies or a quiet lunch, pair this skirt with a crop top and legging and you are sure to get swayed in this soft looking attire. A printed or plain coloured ruffle skirt looks fabulous with a crisp white shirt.

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Midi Skirts
4. Midi Skirts

A fancy necklace, plain bustier top and a printed midi skirt paired with heels. A perfect look for the day, luncheon. Switch it with a formal top and black midi skirt and your office look never got any better. They come in varied lengths just like any other skirt and you can choose the length to suit your style. Look out for pencil skirts in prints or plain colors, they make up for great office clothing teamed with blazers and stilettos or platform sandals. And if you are looking to get yourself a makeover for the evening dinner party, just skip the blazer and let your hair loose. One skirt, two different styles and you are looking simply wow.


5. Skorts
We all have long been fans of fusion, be it songs or food. We all like to mix and match to bring out our own style essence. One such fusion that’s doing the fashion rounds currently are the skorts. They are hybrid of shorts and skirts, in simple words you can say a more comfortable way to hang out in skirts. They look just like the mini-skirts on glance but no matter how mini or micro mini these skorts get, the shorts take care of the length and comfort. How thoughtful of the designer, isn’t it? Available in varied styles, colours and prints, you can pair them with jackets or a plain top or even vice-versa, whatever makes you look the best.

Do you have a favourite pair of skirt ? Is there any other type of skirt, we may have missed in our ‘Fashion Guide: Must-Have Skirts in Wardrobe for 2014’ ? Do let us know through mail or in the comments.

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