Facts Uncovered – Can Wearing A Bra Cause Breast Cancer?

All of us women wear a bra everyday to support our breasts without giving much thought to whether it is harmful to health or not. They are an everyday necessity that we cannot do without and hence it never occurs to us to think about its effect on our health. But with the rising awareness about breast cancer and so many articles dedicated to it, many of us have read or heard about bras causing breast cancer. Is there any truth to it? Can wearing a bra cause breast cancer? Read on to find out.

Is wearing a bra dangerous? 

Is wearing a bra dangerous?

A bra is meant to give support to your breasts and hold them in place. While there is nothing dangerous about wearing a garment like that, some of us sometimes wear a bra that is not the right fit. Many women wear bras that are too tight in a bid to constrict their breasts or make them look smaller than they actually are. There are even cases where it might so happen that your bra size has changed while you continue to wear your older tighter bra without realizing it. Most myths about bras causing breast cancer revolve around wearing tight bras and underwired bras. We banish all the myths and uncover the facts about the relation between bras and breast cancer here.

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Myth- Tight Bras Cause Breast Cancer. There are many theories that suggest that tight bras can cut off the lymph drainage near the breasts. This hinders the elimination of toxins through the armpit lymph nodes. Most dangerous among the toxins is aluminium which is present in your antiperspirant, which you use on a daily basis. The facts that you need to know about your Antiperspirants can be found  hereWhen this is not expelled from the body, it gets accumulated in the system since lymphatic drainage is blocked. This accumulation can lead to breast cancer.

Fact – While these theories have been floating around, there is no strong evidence backing itIt has been proven that breast cancer is caused by gene mutations that cause a rapid multiplication of cells. This is in no way connected to the kind of bra you wear.

Myth–  underwired bras increase the chances of breast cancer. This is due to the presence of the metal in them which constantly rubs against the skin and causes cancer. 

Fact – Another baseless statement that does not have any supporting evidence. The overall consensus among the medical community is that the kind of undergarment, the material or its tightness does not in any way cause breast cancer. There have been mentions of cancerous tumors in the breast in records as old as 1600 BC, much before bras were even invented! So you can relax and put on your favorite bra without worrying about it causing breast cancer. 

However, nothing should stop you from wearing a bra that fits you perfectly and is not constricting since that is the right way to wear bras. They are meant to support and not suffocate you.

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