Facts to Know About Your Antiperspirant

Antiperspirants are one thing that is a must for all of us especially in summer. It makes us feel fresh all day long and instantly lifts our mood too. But how safe are these antiperspirants really? Are they good enough to be used directly on the skin? Is it devoid of all kind of side effects? Well, all your queries will be cleared as you read on.


What does an antiperspirant do actually?

An antiperspirant when sprayed on the body controls the body odor which is basically caused by the growth of bacteria and this generally happens in the armpits, hands, feet as well as other parts of the body. The antiperspirants basically work by stopping the sweating.

Basic chemicals that go into the making of an antiperspirant or a Deodorant:

  1. Parabens
  2. Aluminum
  3. Phthalates
  4. Triclosan

Recently there have been reports that using deodorant can induce cancer. Let us look into the details of the truth behind this.

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The lymph node works towards clearing out the bacteria, viruses and various other kind of dirt that gets accumulated. Now generally the lymph node does not release the toxins through sweat as sweat glands are not located in the lymph node but they are located in the skin. The cancer causing agents that enter a body are generally eliminated from the blood by the liver as well as the kidney in the form of feces or urine. The lymph node present in the breast does have a significant role to play. The underarm node present filters the liquid lymph that flows out of the breast before it goes on towards the bloodstream. The said nodes are located under the arms, upper part of the breast almost near the collarbones. The breast cancer generally develops in the upper outer part of the breasts. These are the studies, however there are no evidences supporting the theory that using an antiperspirants causes the cancer.

This logic applies only to women. Men are at less risk when it comes to breast cancer as they have lesser breast tissue compared to women. Women have around 100 percent more breast tissue in comparison and therefore they are 100 times more likely to get breast cancer.

Concerns about parabens and aluminum in an antiperspirant:

Parabens are generally made of food additives as well as preservatives. They are found to be used in many cosmetics like lipstick, lotions, make-up products etc. too. As per the US Food and Drug Administration, most of the major brands of antiperspirants do not contain parabens. So people concerned about avoiding parabens can relax if you are using branded deodorant. Although there has been no proof of paraben causing health risks, people concerned about paraben can avoid using them.

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Aluminum is very significant component in an antiperspirant as it blocks the sweat glands and stops sweating. Aluminum is absorbed by the skin and certain studies have also proved that aluminum has the potential to alter the estrogen receptors of breast cells. Because of this property aluminum could promote breast cell which is cancerous as well as non-cancerous. For this reason certain researchers are against the usage of alluvium based components in antiperspirants. But the studies also show that the absorption of aluminum is much lesser through antiperspirants compared to the aluminum absorbed through food consumed. Therefore currently there is no definite proof that supports the theory against parabens or aluminum in antiperspirants.

Studying all the facts, we can conclude that as of now there are no strong evidences to support the theories that claim that the antiperspirants are hazardous to health. But constant use of chemicals is not advisable hence prevention is always better. It is up to an individual to take the final call. If you want to avoid these products then you can always go for natural homemade deodorants, which are as good.

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