Facewaver Exercise Mask – Say Goodbye to Wrinkle

The Japanese are known to impress the public with their wacky-looking devices and treatments and this remains true for their latest anti – ageing invention. The face waver exercise mask may look as something out of a horror film, but this Japanese beauty product proves to help the wrinkle-conscious live happily ever after. Simply wear the mask for five minutes daily on the face and it gently stretches and tightens the cheeks and face, pressuring out the wrinkles and lines. The facewaver exercise mask also improves and increases the blood circulation to the surface of your face, appearing it to look more youthful, healthy and energetic.

Facewaver Exercise Mask


Wrinkles? Saggy Skin? Damaged Appearance? With the help of facewaver exercise mask, you can wrap up all your beauty issues and put them away. This stress-free product simply requires the user to pop it on the face and stretch until it may stretch no more. The mask uses a different form of polymer that stretches along the face.

Facewaver Exercise Mask

Minimizes WRINKLES

With the help of the facewaver exercise mask, wrinkles can be reduced by stretching out the muscles and skin. It apparently smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles on the face in just a few minutes every day. The product has been judged to be a far better substitute to face injections and claims to improve skin without patients having to go under the knife or other such surgical surgeries. The mask does not require usage of any skin peeling creams or lotions. It simply aims to tone the face, reducing the appearance of wrinkles within five minutes a day.


  • Color: Pink
  • Size: Around 15 * 41 cm
  • Fits horizontal face size: 41-85cm
  • Only wash by hand
  • Weight: around 38 Grams
  • Materials: nylon, polyurethane to fit all face sizes
  • Product claimed for woman only
  • Made in Japan

In addition to using the mask, the makers recommend users to say vowel sounds out loud over and over again along with practicing regular exercises to strengthen the twelve facial expressions. The makers also ensure that with the help of this mask, you will not have to spend any of your hard earned money on any expensive Bot-ox shots or plastic surgeries, in order to get rid of those nasty dirty wrinkles and signs of ageing.

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