Fabulous and Colorful Rangoli Designs for Holi

Holi, the festival of colors is just round the corner and what better way to deck up your home for it than a nice, bright and colorful rangoli at the entrance? A rangoli at the entrance of the home is said to bring in good luck.  While a rangoli is a staple at any festive occasion, Holi calls for a rangoli that is full of colors. So this holi don’t just play with colors , but get your creativity rolling and make a splash with your rangoli too. To help you get started, here are some fab rangoli designs for holi that will make onlookers go wow!

7 Fabulous Rangoli Designs for Holi

1. Colorful Center Circular design

Colorful Center Circular design

If you are good at drawing your lines and circles, then this is one easy rangoli design. All you need is a couple of concentric circles filled with contrasting colors. The innermost circle is filled with pinches of many colors to form a vibrant core. Finally add a few design touches with white on the outer circles- leaves, swirls or stars, whatever you feel like. Finish the rangoli off with alternate patches of lines and colored circles. Your beautiful and simple rangoli is ready in less than ten minutes!

2. Floral Rangoli 

Floral Rangoli

While this rangoli looks complex and vast, it is actually a simple design. The perceived complexity is because of the shading done in white color. Otherwise, it is just a flower at the core, flanked by leaves and bigger multicolored petals, forming a larger flower. Draw a lotus on each petal to complete the design. Now simply shade the entire outer region with lines of white powder. Contrast with alternating mango and floral design. Finish the rangoli off with a flower shaped border in white.

3. Traditional meets modern

Traditional meets modern

This rangoli uses traditional motifs that are drawn on the modern colorful concentric circles base. Simply make 3 concentric circles and fill each with a color of your choice. The innermost circle can have a floral pattern. Here two feet are drawn, signifying God’s entry into the home. Next circle has small rounds and swirls while the outermost circle has an inverted lamps pattern. Do it twice or thrice to attain mastery and it sure is going to get you a lot of praises.

4.  8 petal flower rangoli design 

8 petal flower rangoli design

The design has an inner flower with 8 triangular petals, flaked by 8 semicircular petals. Then draw a bigger outline of 8 petals in a “kalash” ( the traditional pot with coconut used in festivals ) pattern to make it a big floral pattern. Go wild with your imagination and fill up the petals with designs and colors of your choice.

5. Deity in the center mesh pattern

Deity in the center mesh pattern

Another concentric pattern that appears complex because of its coloring. Otherwise all it has is 3 concentric circles. Innermost circle with a Ganesha. The next one with a swirls pattern. The outermost circle has an intricately drawn criss cross mesh pattern. Once you are done making the mesh, all you need is a few helping hands to patiently fill out each diamond of the mesh in a different color. Once you are done, you will be amazed that you drew the breathtaking rangoli!

6. Peacock Feather Rangoli design

Peacock Feather Rangoli design

To make this design, draw 5 circles followed by a peacock feather in the innermost circle. Color each circle in different shades. Mark the end of each circle with dots, lines, or a design of your choice in white color. Make a pretty border with circles in alternate blue and pink color and you have a winner in your hands.

7. Traditional Rangoli Design

Traditional Rangoli Design

This is a traditional rangoli design that has all the elements of geometry – concentric octagons, circles, semi- circles and squares. Look carefully and you will notice that it is the symmetry of the design that makes it so mindblowing! It takes a lot of practice and color sense to make this vivid design.

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