Is Your Eyeliner Giving You Wrinkles?

Eyeliner is an unavoidable eye makeup product for every girl these days. It enhances the eyes like no other product would. Have you ever thought in your wildest dream that this simple product can cause wrinkles? Well that’s the latest piece of news that is circulating around. Nothing as such has been proved about this until now but it cannot be completely brushed off too. Let us get deeper into this issue and decode the facts.

Is Your Eyeliner Giving You Wrinkles?

The area around the eyes is generally very sensitive and wrinkles are easily formed there due to this reason. Applying eyeliner as such does not involve any vigorous motion but certain things could lead to the possibility of wrinkle formation.

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Let us look at the ways we could get wrinkles with eyeliner:

• In the attempt to achieve the perfect lined eyes, we do end up stretching the eyes tight in the wrong way; this could lead to the formation of wrinkles around the eyes. Besides if you are someone who applies eyeliner regularly, then you do have a greater chance of getting wrinkles.

• Remove the eyeliner as well as the whole makeup every day before you go to bed. While sleeping the eyeliner interferes with the skin to cause wrinkles.

• Some girls tend to stretch their forehead and during this course, deep forehead creases are formed. It may not seem to be an issue now if you are young as the skin has the elasticity however if repeatedly done, over the time it may lead to static wrinkles. You may notice formation of fine horizontal lines right below the hairline on the forehead. So it is better to control those stretching of forehead right now to avoid the wrinkles later.

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Things to take care of while applying eye liner:

Always keep a steady hand: You are obviously no superwomen to apply the liner without any pressure on your wrist. So it always wise to give your arm an extra stability by resting your elbow on something and then brace your hand against your face.

Line close to your lash liner: The whole purpose of lining your eyes is to create the illusion of fuller lashes, therefore line your eyeliner closer to your lashes, that way you will be applying the eyeliner better and will be able to avoid unnecessary pressure on the forehead.

Buy a good eyeliner: Investing in a good eyeliner is always a good choice. A good product cannot cause much harm to your skin meanwhile cheap products will definitely harm your skin in several ways, wrinkle formation being one of them.

Prep your eyes: Before applying eyeliner or any other makeup product, make sure you moisturize your skin well. The skin around the eyes has to be given special attention too. Moisturizing the eye area will hydrate the skin and prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Massage your eyes: Pampering your eyes with a small massage would only do wonders for your eyes. Try almond oil to massage the eye area. Almond oil soothes the eye area and helps in eliminating dark circles and nourishes the under eye area. You must to do this regularly at night before you sleep. It will help in relaxing apart from all the other benefits and keeps the wrinkle formation at bay too.

Use soft eyeliner: Using a soft eyeliner pencil will ensure that you do not have to pull or tug at your eyes while you apply the eye liner. If you invest in a super soft eye liner pencil, it will glide on the eye lid very smoothly.

Use your ring finger: In case you cannot apply an eyeliner without stretching or holding the surrounding area then make sure you use your ring finger to do the same as ring finger puts minimum pressure on the skin.

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