What Eyebrow Shape Should You Get Done?

Eyebrow may just seem like a line of hair on your face in pair but it is a lot more than that. Like they say, hair can define your looks, eyebrows too can be ‘the face look breaker or look maker’. Every fortnight we all rush to parlours in our vicinity or our trusted beauticians to do our eyebrows. Sometimes, we just let them shape it up for us. Are you aware of what eyebrow shape you should get done for your face type? We explain to you eyebrow shapes by face type in the below guide.

Eyebrow Shape for Round Face Type

1. Eyebrow Shape for Round Face Type

Round faces are the cute and young looking face type and get often mistaken to be younger than actual age. You want to give your face the right look with the right eyebrow shape and definitely not make it worse by making it appear more rounded and smaller. To get the right look, get yourself a curved eyebrow. Curved eyebrows take the attention away from your wide face and cheeks and give an illusion of an elongated face type.

Eyebrow Shape for Oval Face Type

2. Eyebrow Shape for Oval Face Type

We know you think your face looks long. If you have an oval face, you are lucky, let’s just say luckiest of all face types. With that face type, you want the eyebrow to give your face slightly rounded appeal. A slightly arched eyebrow look is generally recommended, but with a face type like yours, you have the liberty to go whichever way you like with your eyebrow shape. Didn’t we just call you the lucky type? Now you know why.

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Eyebrow Shape for Square Face Type

3. Eyebrow Shape for Square Face Type

For square shaped face, go angular with your brow shape or for a change opt for a curved eyebrow look. The thing you have in common with the round face shaped counterparts is that you both have width showing on the cheeks. To take the attention from the cheeks, angular or curved shaped eyebrows work the magic for you. We suggest curved shape more than angular, to take the mind away from your angular features and soften the look on your face unless you want to appear more angular.

Eyebrow Shape for Diamond Face Type

4. Eyebrow Shape for Diamond Face Type

Your face type is angular in shape and quite bony. Your face is widest at the temples. To give your face illusion of softer and narrower look, shape your eyebrows in a curve. Curved eyebrows will give your face a slim look and take the attention away from temples and angularity.

Eyebrow Shape for Oblong Face Type

5. Eyebrow Shape for Oblong Face Type

The name says it all. You have a long face type and to give your face width illusion, ask your beautician to shape your brows flat. For a long face with prominent chin, flat brow makes your face seem smaller and make you look even more prettier.

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Eyebrow Shape for Heart Face Type

6. Eyebrow Shape for Heart Face Type

Have a big forehead and strong jaw line with pointy chin? If you answered yes, you have heart shaped face. Round eyebrows work best for your face type. Rounded eyebrows will give you a feminine look and take the attention that your chin draws on your face and balance it all to give you a gorgeous look.

What is your face type? Do you also have a suggestion for an eyebrow shape for people with your face type or even otherwise. Share it with us in the comments section below or you can also email us.

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