How to Extract a Pimple at Home Safely

No, I’m not talking about ‘picking’ pimples. Rather, it is an article that would guide you through the procedure of home extraction of pimple in a safe and secure way. If that ugly zit has been there on your face for quite some time now and you can see white puss-like formation under the surface layer of the skin clearly, you can go ahead. But make sure that it involves highly sanitary practices with the usage of sterile (if possible) tools. Otherwise, you will end up causing lots of unwanted scars and even serious infections. Now, here is what you can actually do to extract a ripe pimple by yourself at home to speed up the natural healing process:

How to Extract a Pimple at Home Safely

Step 1: Await the Right Time

  • Wait until your pimple becomes a full, large whitehead. If you control your temptation of picking the breakout and let it grow uninterruptedly, it will get filled by ‘pus’ and turn quite larger within a few days. Red, sore pimples of 2 or 3 days old should never be popped as it can lead to extreme pain, bleeding, scarring and severe skin infections.
  • As soon as your pimple develops a white tip (due to the presence of pus beneath the top layer of the skin), you can consider it for extracting. This type of blemishes is quite easy-to-pop and there is no chance of getting scars or infections, if the process is carried out carefully.

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Step 2: Get Prepared

  • Now, get your hands and your zit prepared for the extraction. Start with cleansing your hands thoroughly. Use a mild antibacterial soap (regular or liquid – as preferred by you) and lukewarm water for this purpose. Make sure that you clean your fingernails (the edges and the skin underneath) properly so that no dirt, oil, polish or soap is stuck to them.
  • Use an antibacterial face cleanser (must be gentle on your skin) to make the skin around the pimple squeaky clean. You can also pour some alcohol onto a small cotton ball and rub (avoid rough scrubbing) the area with it tenderly. Pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Steam your face by leaning a little over a pot of steaming water and covering your whole head with a towel. It will open up the skin pores and make it easier for the sebum to leave the pimple without rupturing the skin badly.
  • Use a pair of clean tissues or disposable gloves to cover your hands before extracting the zit.

How to Extract a Pimple at Home Safely

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Step 3: Action!

  • Place two of your fingertips on each side of the ‘peak’ (the highest point of the pimple at the center) of the whitehead. You need to press the underneath area of the tip a little in order to coax the fluid or sebum out of the blemish. It can also be done by wiggling both of the fingertips together very gently.
  • Once the pus comes out of the pimple, press your fingertips softly against the skin surrounding it. Massage slightly so that the remaining sebum also gets extracted. Take a tissue and blot the pus away from the drained pimple. Be as gentle as possible.
  • Take an antiseptic lotion and wipe the entire area with it by using a small cotton swab. It will prevent bacterial infection and accelerate the process of healing.


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