Explore 10 Least Painful Places for Sporting Tattoos and Piercings

Are you dying to get a small flying butterfly on your waistline and a cute gold ring on your right eyebrow? Well, getting a tattoo or a piercing done involves a lot of pain, which can be reduced to some extent by taking some well-informed decision. In this post, we have compiled a chart of the least painful places, which can be just perfect for showing off your amazing body arts. Here we go:

Tattoos and Piercings

Get Your Tattoo – the Best Places with the Least Pain:

Here is a list of certain body parts, which can be inked with comparatively lesser amount of pain. Take a look:

1. On the Ears

When it comes to finding the least painful places for getting a tattoo done, the ear always tops the chart. Being made of cartilage, it does not develop much pain during inking and look extremely feminine at the same time.

2. At the Back of the Ears

The backside of our ear is also a good place to get a tattoo without bearing much pain. The process is completely similar to which you need to undergo during getting your ear inked. It means, you get an absolutely feminine look in a less painful manner.

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3. Upper Arms

The pain of getting a tattoo done on the upper arm is also less intense. However, you will have to withstand a little pain while inking your upper arm in comparison with an ear tattoo.

Tattoos and Piercings

4. Upper Shoulders

If you are looking for one of the most feminine body parts where you can show off your favorite tattoo without tolerating too much pain, choose the upper part of any of your shoulders. Getting a small image inked here will be as painful as the upper arm.

5. On the Waistline

Last but not the least is the waistline, which is considered as the sexiest place to sport a tattoo with minimal ache. If the fear of pain stops you from getting a tattoo, just choose this place and enjoy the experience.

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Get Your Piercing- the Best Places with the Least Pain:

Now, check out the following list that comprises the least painful places for piercing.

6. Earlobes

This is known to be the most common as well as most popular place for getting a piercing. As said before, major portion of our ears is made of cartilage. Therefore, the task of piercing the earlobes involves almost no pain.

7. Septum

If nose is your first choice for piercing, opt for the septum. Just like earlobes, this particular part of our body also contains cartilage. Hence, you do not need to put up with much pain during the process.

Tattoos and Piercings

8. Nostril

You can also opt for piercing your nostrils as it does not lead to extreme sensation of pain. According to popularity, this is regarded as the second most appreciated body part for piercing.

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9. Navel

Navel piercing is another great choice for females with low tolerance. It is highly feminine and is absolutely in vogue these days. So, if you want to go trendy, go with it without any hesitation.

10. Eyebrow

Well, piercing your eyebrows might be a bit painful, but the ache is certainly lesser than that associated with piercing many other body parts, such as tongue, tongue, lip or nipple.

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