Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Great Skin

There is a famous saying that goes- you are what you eat. Indeed, what you eat reflects on your skin. Healthy skin is a sign of the body getting a balanced and nutritious diet, good sleep and exercise. We try plenty of beauty products in our quest to get the perfect skin, but in the process, overlook our diet. If we consume the right kind of food and combine it with good exercise and a good skin care regimen, you will be rewarded with great skin.

So what are the essential vitamins and minerals needed for good skin?

vitamins for skin

Vitamin A

Vitamin A Source


Vitamin A is one of the most important nutrients for good skin health. It is responsible in relieving the skin of its dryness. It also inhibits the activity of the sebaceous glands, thereby controlling acne. It is also helpful in repairing the skin. Vitamin A is also an effective anti-aging substance, reducing wrinkles and fine-lines. It is prescribed as a treatment for psoriasis and eczema. Goes to show that Vitamin A is very beneficial for the skin.


You can get Vitamin A from eating carrots, cod liver oil and dairy products.

Vitamin B complex

Vitamin B complex



If you have dull and unhealthy skin, it could be due to a vitamin B deficiency. It helps prevent skin pigmentation, promotes blood circulation and gives your skin a glow. Vitamin B5 can minimize the production of oil in the skin and help control acne. So great skin is just a course of B complex pills away.


Apricots, dates, figs, nuts and animal products like meat and poultry are great sources of B Vitamins.

Vitamin E

vitamin E foods


Most skin repair creams are rich in Vitamin E. This is because it has anti-oxidant properties that helps fight the free radicals and slow down aging and rejuvenates the skin.

Applying vitamin E capsules on the skin will help reduce age spots and fine lines. It also has anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Vitamin E reduces the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin.


Nuts, seeds, vegetables oils and greens are some of the richest sources of Vitamin E.

Vitamin C

vitamin C foods


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, just like Vitamin E. Also, vitamin C helps in the collagen production. Collagen is what keeps the skin supple and healthy looking. Eating vitamin C rich foods will help you attain a healthy looking skin. Vitamin C reduces the effect of sun damage on the skin and helps in its repair too.


Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. Nuts, eggs, oats and green leafy vegetables also will add to your daily vitamin C requirements.


zinc rich food


Zinc is beneficial since it helps in protein synthesis and wound healing. It has anti-inflammatory effects and it helps protect skin against UV radiations. Most importantly, zinc has also been found to be effective in reducing acne on the skin.


Zinc can be obtained from animal sources like red meat and seafood. Pumpkin seeds and other nuts are also rich sources of zinc.


Selenium rich food


It is an important mineral for the skin because, along with Vitamin E, selenium helps in decreasing and controlling acne since it produces a substance called glutathione that regulates acne. People who suffer from acne, generally have lower levels of selenium in the body.


In order to get selenium into your body through food, consume lots of fish, sunflower seeds, eggs, whole grains and onions.

Consume a diet rich in these necessary vitamins and minerals and see your skin get back that glow!

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