Best Tips To Survive As A Vegetarian Traveler To Europe

From striking backdrops to hassle-free transportation, Europe offers a lot to worldwide travelers. The meat-lovers’ paradise also magnetizes foodies with its gourmet food items. Though traveling to the continent as a vegetarian often seems daunting with very limited veg options available, you can still enjoy your Europe trip in a vegan way. In fact, the mighty continent is fast becoming a place where finding veg food is quite easy and fun. Apart from freshly made breads and pastas, you can find a multitude of plant-based goodies like pears, plums, artichokes, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, truffles, etc. in abundance there. All you need is a little planning for enjoying the most memorable meals. So, here is the ultimate guide to a vegetarian traveler to Europe. 

Vegan Way

How To Survive As A Vegetarian Traveler To Europe?

Eating healthier, going environment-friendly, or being compassionate to animals – whatever your reason for going vegan is, the following tricks will help you survive as a traveler to Europe.

1. Do Your Own Online Research

It should be your first and foremost step, literally. Take some time out of your busy schedule and do quick searches to get an idea about authentic European foods, their ingredients, and so on. It will help you identify which starters, main dishes, side dishes or snacks you can indulge in during your travel to the continent without any worry.

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2. Look For Vegetarian Restaurants

Though there are not plenty of vegetarian eateries present in Europe, you can still scout out a few around the places you are planning to stay or visit. Besides healthy vegetarian and vegan restaurants, there are bakeries, gelatarias, and markets to choose from. Italian restaurants can also be a great choice for this purpose.

Look for places with a mini fridge or a full kitchen so that you can stock up on veggie items or enjoy ‘home-cooked’ meals while staying there.

3. Learn To Express In Local Language

There are lots of countries in Europe where a ‘vegetarian’ refers to a person who does not consume heavy meat but eats chicken, fish, and egg. If you want to avoid such confusions over what vegetarian diets include and exclude, take initiative to learn local phrases and words for better communication and advance clarification. Politely vocalizing the list of items you do not want will help you a lot.

4. Rely On Cheese And Bakeries

Yes, they can work as your ultimate saviors in those days of Europe tour. Crusty breads with cheese and pickle is considered as one of the best meals for vegans in the continent. You can find plenty of shops offering vegan cheese and dairy-free gelato. There are a lot of other baked items like quiches, sandwiches, etc. which can keep you filled for long hours. They are inexpensive and available in a wide variety too.

5. Take Veg Snacks With You

Last but not the least; pack lots of supplements, healthy vegetarian snacks, and supermarket foods with yourself so that you never run out of consumables during your trip. Dry fruits, nuts, roasted seeds, healthy munchables, and protein bars can always help you fulfill your nutritional needs. You should also bring a sizable meal on the plane if your airlines does not offer vegan entrées.

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Best European Cities For Vegetarian Travelers

Northern Europe should always be avoided by vegans. Countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, etc. have almost no choice for them. Rather, visit the Southern part of the continent. There are the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Greece, and a few other nations, which can welcome you with some tasty veg items like pasta, pizza, tapas, aubergine, etc. So, here is the list of most vegetarian-friendly cities in Europe you should explore:

1. London

The British capital is considered as one of the best cities for vegetarian travelers as the number of eateries focusing on vegan tastes are growing there continuously. Either explore the most succulent cruelty-free fare around or enjoy your fill at the Spread Eagle – the first ever 100% vegan pub of the city.

2. Berlin

You just cannot miss the pizzas, burgers, bowls, and a whole lot more in the cool capital of Germany with a creative touch of German chefs. Berlin has two dozen restaurants, no-meat cafes, vegan bars, etc. along with plenty of vegan shops and supermarkets. Some of the best eateries here for vegetarians include Lucky Leek, Kopps, and Brammibals.

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3. Amsterdam

If you are in Europe, Amsterdam is your absolute vegetarian heaven. This crazy and amazing Dutch capital is the perfect place to gorge on burgers, fries and a number of other veg dishes. Also, Vegan Junk Food Bar, Burger King, TerraZen Centre, Men Impossible, etc. are the best places for a calmer vegan-dining experience.

4. Prague

Prague, the charming Czech Republic capital, has mostly been known for its meat-based dishes. But the number of vegan cafes is growing up significantly around the gothic-style city. Growth in tourism has also resulted in a rise in veganism, which has brought considerable changes in menus here.

5. Budapest

The romantic city Budapest is always there to offer you a great gastronomic time. Recently, the place has started gaining its popularity as a favorite destination of vegetarian people. Vegan Love, Great Bistro, Vega City, etc. are some of the best eateries you can explore here and they will leave you crave for more.

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6. Barcelona

This Spanish city-by-the-sea is not only one of the biggest tourist attractions in Europe but also one of the greatest places to enjoy vegan European cuisine. Here, you can find a host of wonderful food items to satisfy your vegan palate completely. Petit Brot, La Troadero, Frolis, etc. are some of the top picks of this shimmering metropolis.

7. Warsaw

Warsaw, the Polish capital, is another vegetarian-friendly city in Europe that caters to all types of meat-free taste buds. There are tons of restaurants around the city and you can try Edamame Vegan Sushi, Fit and Green, Vegan Pizza, etc. among them for brilliant vegan fare.

Keep these tips handy and enjoy your Europe tour in a vegan way!

Did You Know?

There are a rapidly growing number of tour companies in Europe that organize vacations for people based on their unique requirements. If you are game for it, you can opt for their services and make the most of your Europe trip as a vegetarian. 

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