How to Enjoy Your Europe Trip in a Vegan Way

Are you a vegetarian? Well, traveling to Europe can turn out to be a real pain for you then. From striking backdrops to hassle-free transportation, the continent has a lot to offer to you. But when it comes to ‘vegetarian food options’, one simply feels clueless. As ‘vegetarianism’ is a comparatively newer idea here, you will have to chase those few veg items available. Moreover, you may end up getting insufficient nourishment from those limited vegetarian substitutes. However, though it is difficult for vegans to survive in Europe, it is not impossible at all. All you need is to pick up some important tips. Here we go:

Vegan Way

Do Your Own Online Research

It should be your first and foremost step, literally. Take some out of your busy schedule and do quick searches to get an idea about authentic European foods, their ingredients, and so on. It will help you identify which starters, main dishes, side dishes or snacks you can indulge in during your travel to the continent without any worry.

Look for Vegetarian Restaurants

Though there are not many vegetarian restaurants present in Europe, you can still look for one or two around the places you are planning to visit. You can try to locate Indian restaurants like ‘Govinda’s’ or others that serve delectable Indian veg foods at affordable prices. Italian restaurants can also be a great choice for his purpose. But make sure that you conduct the research prior to starting off. Or else, it will seem to be the toughest job.

Learn to Say ‘Veg’ in Local Language

There are lots of countries in Europe where a ‘vegetarian’ refers to a person who does not consume heavy meat but eats chicken, fish and egg. If you want to avoid such confusions, do mention that you want foods with ‘no meat, no fish and no egg’ while placing orders at restaurants. You can also take initiative and learn how to express ‘vegetarian foods’ in the language of your destination country.

Avoid Certain Countries

Northern Europe should always be avoided by vegans. Countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, etc. have almost no choice for them. Rather, opt for Southern part of the continent to visit. There are the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Greece, and a few other nations, which can welcome you with some tasty veg items like pasta, pizza, tapas, aubergine, etc.

Rely on Cheese and Bakeries

Yes, they can work as your ultimate saviors in those days of Europe tour. Crusty breads with cheese and pickle is considered as one of the best meals for vegans in the continent. There are a lot of other baked items like quiches, sandwiches, etc. which can keep you filled for long hours. They are inexpensive and available in a wide variety too.

Take Veg Snacks with You

Last but not the least; pack lots of supplements, vegetarian snacks and supermarket foods so that you never run out of consumables. Dry fruits, nuts, healthy munchables and protein bars can always fulfill your nutritional needs during your trip.

Keep these tips handy and enjoy your Europe tour in a vegan way!

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