Effects of Stress on Hair Loss

You cannot count the hair on your scalp. But if you are losing hair, you do not want to end up with countable hair on your scalp, do you? Are you stressed? Even before you know it – your hair will make you realise it. Yes! That’s true. Hair loss can be attributed to stress too. Stress has many side effects and hair loss is one of the most oblivious factors. You may have heard that stress is harmful and causes hair fall but here we will tell you all you need to know about the effects of stress on hair loss and what causes it.

Effects of Stress on Hair Loss

Types of Hair Loss

1. Normal

In your day to day life, according to Webmd, “Typically people shed about 100 hairs a day.” as quoted by Carolyn Jacob, MD and Medical Director of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology. Don’t panic, 100 hair a day, is not a lot out of a head full of 1 to 1.5 lakh hair strands. These strands that fall of your head, also come back. Age too can cause hair fall which can be categorised as normal.

2. Genetic

When we say hair loss that is hereditary or genetic , it does not mean that if your great grandfather was bald, the same would happen to you. However it is true, men are more likely to succumb to baldness especially after turning 30. Women with higher testosterone levels are also prone to baldness or hair thinning due to hormonal changes. These women do not end up re-growing their normally lost hair and over time become bald.

Hair Loss due to Stress

If you are hurt emotionally or are recovering from a tragic loss, you are likely hit by stress over the recent incidents. Similarly if you are recovering from a major illness, have beat obesity or have just entered post child birth phase, you are likely to suffer hair loss due to physiological changes in your body and lifestyle.

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Effects of Stress on Hair Loss

Types of Hair Loss Caused due to Stress

Telogen effluvium

In this type of hair loss, hair follicles hibernate and go in the resting phase. After couple of months, hair detach from these follicles. This kind of hair loss is mostly observed as a result of stress.

Alopecia areata

Stress is one of the reasons why the immune system cause the hair attached to the hibernating hair follicles to fall out. The hair loss here is high in volume. In fact this type of hair loss can be attributed to many type of health issues, with stress being one of them.

Mostly, hair loss caused immediately after a stressful event, tends to grow back. However before concluding the reason for hair loss, it is advisable to consult an expert to confirm the reasons in actual.

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Alleviate Stress with these simple and easy to follow habits to stop stress induced hair loss

Vitamin Rich Food

  • Find out what is causing you stress and work towards reliving the stress. Holding on to anything will only add weight on you emotionally and physically.
  • Talk it out to your closed ones or friends. After all what are friends for, they are always there to help. If you find it difficult to discuss your problems with your near and dear ones, see a therapist.
  • Exercise. Channel all your stress and frustration in to workout. Nothing feels better than a workout or an hour of walk a day
  • Eat healthy, stay healthy. Feed the body the nutrients its deficient on. That way you will also elevate hair growth while you are keeping stress at bay.
  • Most importantly, sleep eight hours at night and sleep well. Stress is elevated if you do not sleep well causing hair fall rate to become higher rather than stop.

Stress is not the only reason you may be having hair loss problem. There are many other reasons being, post pregnancy hair loss, thyroid health issue and some you may not be aware of medically, emotionally or physically. If you are facing hair loss problem for a long time and are unsure of the reason, visit a doctor at the earliest. If it’s only stress and you know it, change your lifestyle, eat healthy, sleep well and keep stress and hair fall miles away.

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