Easy Olive Oil Shampoo Recipe: Handy Hair Solution

Hair problem is common these days; equally among men and women. Thinning of hair, baldness, patches of hair loss are some of the most common hair troubles that are widely observed in modern days. One of the prime reasons that are associated with hair loss is improper care and concern. 

Easy Homemade Olive Oil Shampoo: Best Help At Hand

It is an accepted truth since tradition that homemade hair-care and beauty products are always more beneficial than chemical items. Loaded with multiple benefits, a naturally made shampoo keeps your hair nourished in a balanced manner without any fear for side effects. Moreover, these homemade shampoos are budget friendly too.

Olive Oil Shampoo Recipe

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As we are exposed to extreme dust, dirt and pollution in daily life, our hair demands proper nourishment and cleaning in order to ensure growth, strength and softness in right balance. Hence, you will need a shampoo that not only cleans but also nourishes the scalp roots for new hair growth.

Making Your Own Olive Oil Shampoo: The Process

Olive oil shampoo is just the perfect solution for your hair: it cleans the dirt and nurtures your hair by penetrating deep down, thus preventing hair damage. Even if you are suffering from dandruff problem, this olive oil shampoo can be a great help with its antioxidant properties.

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First Recipe


Natural liquid soap
Olive oil
Aroma essences and dry herbs (to add fragrance to your shampoo)
Aloe Vera gel extracts


1. Take a bowl and add the liquid soap, olive oil and aloe vera gel together. Stir and mix properly.

Take a container with water and heat it; add the dry herbs and aroma essence in it for a good smell. However, you can also make your shampoo without any fragrance.

When the aromatic essence gets infused in the water thoroughly, strain away the liquid from the herb leaves.

Now pour the soap mixture (done in step 1) in the aromatic water and stir thoroughly till it gets blended well.
Store it in a clean container for enjoy your olive oil shampoo.

Second Recipe


Olive oil
Baking soda
Liquid soap

1. Mix the baking soda with water and liquid soap to make a smooth solution. There should not be any lump or chunk in it.

2. Now add few drops of olive oil in it and mix thoroughly.

3. You can use some essential oils for fragrance.

4. Shake well and keep it in a clean container to use.

Some Tips to Remember

When making your shampoo, make sure that you use the right proportion of olive oil. Excess oil content will make it greasy and sticky.

Using fragrance in your shampoo is an optional choice.

Make sure to use only herbal liquid soap (made from vegetable oils) when making olive oil shampoo.

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