Easy DIY Twists for Your Hair

Good hair is the amongst the most beautiful natural accessories of a women. It can enhance your beauty and make you like amazingly beautiful. But in our hectic lives we can’t always find time to manage our hair to absolute perfection. Therefore it is always a good thing to have a few easy and quick DIY hair ideas up your sleeve, for all those days you are running late and just don’t have time for an extensive hairstyle. And what better than twist on the go hairstyles? They take practically no time and instantly make you look stylish and chic.

Continue reading to discover a few easy DIY twist hairstyles to save you precious time for all those days when you hit the snooze button too many times and you run out of time!

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1. Old School Twist: Always start with brushed hair to avoid tangles and messes. Side part your hair, and with a bobby pin, secure one part firmly on the top of your head.

Old School Twist

From the centre of your head, take out a section of hair and let it be, create a puff on the crown of your head by pulling the remaining hair behind.

Now that you have formed two sections, using bobby pins, pin them across each other. Now form a flower by twisting the left over strands, and secure the flower on your head using a U-pin.

You can scrunch the rest of your hair to add a bohemian twist to it. Straighten the front of your hair to finish off the look. The best accessories to go with this look are big vintage earrings.

2. The easy DIY chignon twist: This extremely fast and simple way to get the elegant look. It would look great for a date night, or just a fancy dinner party.

The easy DIY chignon twist

Brush your hair and pull it back into a ponytail. Secure it with a rubber band at the base of your neck. Remember the stiffness of your hair is directly proportional to how formal it looks.

Now take the ponytail that you just made and twist the hair. Either you can twist the ponytail as a whole, or you can make sections and twist them around each other to form a spiral. Once you are doing twisting, secure it with another hair tie.

Now from the base, start making a coil by twisting the ponytail. When the ponytail completes one circle around the main base, use U pins to secure it in place.

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3. Side twist ponytail: Brush out your hair and pin a small section of your hair to the back of the head. Repeat this process and pull more sections of your hair and pin them to the back of your head.

Side twist ponytail

Continue till you have formed several twists and you can now gather all your hair into a side ponytail.  Using a clear plastic rubber band tie the ponytail but leave a small section of your hair out.

Twist this small section of hair around the hair tie to hide it, and make it appear as if your ponytail has been secured solely with your own hair.

Flat iron the front of your hair if you have bangs or you can curl the sides and the hair stands for a beachy vibe. You can add a hair band or head scarf to really bring the look together, and make this simple look more sophisticated.

Twists are amazing because they have the ability to beautify even the simplest of hairstyles, and now with these hairstyles, taming your hair and making them look stylish and beautiful will not be a thing to worry!

Hope you really enjoyed these beautiful hairstyles. Don’t forget to your take on this with us!

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