Dry Shampoo 101 – How to Pick and Use Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is that miracle product that comes to your rescue when you have no time to shampoo. Actually, dry shampoo, is your alternative to everyday shampooing, a practice that is being advised as harmful for the hair. Just as the name suggests, dry shampoo aims to bring back the sheen and shine from dry and oily hair.

dry shampoo side effects

Types of Dry Shampoo Available
Dry Shampoo comes in powdered form, to be sprayed from a shampoo, just like how you spray your perfume. You can walk down the shampoo aisle in the drug or departmental store and not know what to choose. Dry Shampoo comes in specialized forms being,

  • Dry Shampoo with Voluminizer -This Shampoo, when you spray will give your hair volume, make it look fluffy and shiny. If you have straight hair or thin hair, this shampoo is your key to voluminous look.
  • Dry Shampoo with Ultra Cleansing Properties – All Dry Shampoo’s, come with the clean hair aspect. Ultra Cleansing Dry Shampoo, as the name suggests, goes an extra mile to give a super clean look and scented hair.
  • Dry Shampoo with Refreshing quality – Do you feel troubled by the oily bad hair look, every second day? Spray the Dry Shampoo with Refreshing quality to give your hair the refreshing lift and shoo the bad hair day away.
  • Dry Shampoo in different colours – You don’t have to be a blonde to avail the fabulous qualities of Dry Shampoo – It’s now available in brown and red hue in addition to the blonde. Pick a shampoo that suits your hair colour perfectly.

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How to Pick Dry Shampoo

  • First come first, choose a shampoo to suit your hair colour. I mention this often in the article only to emphasize the importance of it. Failure to do so can have a side-effect, you can read below
  • Second step is to pick a shampoo to suit your hair type.
  • You can also rely on brands that you have experienced before or opt for a shampoo as recommended by your hair stylist.
  • If you like, you can even choose to make your own version of Do it yourself Dry Shampoo. Be sure to pick a reliable source for recipe.

How to Use Dry Shampoo

How does Dry Shampoo work?

  • Once you have your shampoo with you, shake it a little before you spray.
  • Spray the product in different parts of the hair, the roots, crown area from far, at least the distance of the hand to the head.
  • Leave it on for 3-5 minutes, it will require at least that much time to absorb the oil from your hair
  • After 5 minutes, blend the shampoo with your fingers in your hair gently.
  • You can then comb your hair to spread the spray all over
  • Notice the difference before and after already? That’s how Dry Shampoo works it’s magic on your hair

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Benefits of Dry Shampoo

  • Even without washing your hair with shampoo every day, you can still have the lustrous, just washed look, clean hair look
  • Say good-bye to dry, oily hair days. Need to be at an event or important meeting, fix your hair in couple of minutes with the dry shampoo.
  • It absorbs the oil produced by the hair, without the need to wash it.
  • Turn your bad hair day in to a glamorous look in a jiffy, anywhere, any time.

Side Effects of Dry Shampoo

  • If you end up spraying the shampoo in excess, it will leave white powdered spots on your head
  • Unless you are confident, do not let the cat out of the bag. This may not be the best idea for you if you are headed for an important do, if the technique to use the shampoo and you are far apart.
  • This is not a side effect really but it requires a lot of practice to master the technique of using dry shampoo.
  • If you end up choosing the wrong product for your hair colour, unfortunately you will end up with powder spray residues that show in a not very good way.
  • Dry shampoo will not remove the odour, dirt and dead cells that shampoo will, actually cleaning your hair for real.
  • The products contain chemicals that can cause irritation to asthmatic patients or people prone to chemical allergies. If you are one of them, you need to choose your product accordingly.

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