Drink Cucumber Juice to Lose Weight

Cucumber is the most popular negative calorie food- the amount of calories spent in digesting it is more than the calories present in it. It is rich in potassium and 95% of it is composed of water. Eating cucumber and drinking cucumber juice paired with healthy diet and exercise is a sure shot way to weight loss. So how does cucumber juice help?

Cucumber and lemon mask

The high water content in cucumber helps in satisfying one’s appetite. Drinking a glass of cucumber juice after a meal will curb your need to reach for some snack after food.

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1. Cucumber juice does not contain any sodium. It is also a natural diuretic. That is, drinking cucumber juice will flush out excess water, toxins and fat cells from the body. Fluid retention is one of the major causes of bloating and cucumber juice can help in getting rid of that.

2. Drinking cucumber juice helps charge up your metabolism. This means that your food gets digested easily and is absorbed well by your system leading to a more energetic you.

3. Cucumber juice by itself does not have any fat. So you can drink it up all you want without worrying about your waist. Make a juice first thing in the morning, with some mint and a dash of lime and keep sipping on it through the day.

4. Drinking cucumber juice will keep you feeling fresh and bouncy and naturally inclined to avoiding fatty foods since your body responds so well to cucumber juice.

5. Not just flushing out toxins and boosting metabolism, cucumber juice is also rich in potassium, magnesium and silica. So it is a great supplement to get these minerals in your diet. Daily consumption of cucumber juice is said to cure chronic constipation.

6. Not just weight, drinking cucumber juice will also keep your skin glowing!

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So how do you make your daily dose of cucumber juice?

Two cucumbers yield about a cup and a half of juice. You could up the number if you want to make a big batch for a whole day. You can add some mint or ginger or lemon or all of these to make a tasty and healthy juice to kick start your day.

Wash two cucumbers well. Retain the peel since that is where most nutrients are. Chop them roughly and add them to the blender. Add to it a small piece of ginger and a couple of mint leaves. Give the blender a good whizz. Now pour the juice into glasses and serve with a dash of lime. I would suggest not straining the juice since you do not want to lose out on the fibre.

If you are feeling experimental, throw in an apple for a mild sweetness in the juice. You could convert the same juice into a greener smoothie by adding to it a few spinach leaves. That would take care of your entire vitamin and mineral requirement for the day and also help you lose weight the healthy way.

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