Dress-Up For Success at Your Job Interview

First impression is very important, because as they say there is no second chance in making the first impression! How you look and carry yourself is very imperative for any company that is looking to hire you, as you would be representing the company in future and nobody wants a mediocre person to do that. Therefore looking best on your interview is very important and for that dressing up right is very much essential.

Job Interview dress

Know the company well: First and foremost thing to keep in mind is to be acquainted about the Company and its vision. If it’s a corporate firm then you can opt for a formal outfit- Girls can go for a formal shirt and a pencil skirt or formal pants. If you are planning to wear a suit, it’s wise to make sure how the company’s current employees are dressing up or else you would end up being the odd one out. Choose the fabric of your outfit as per the season; or else you will end up sweating like a pig if you land up layering yourself in heavy clothes in summer.

Dress up right: A very important aspect of dressing up right is choosing the right colour for your outfit. No matter which outfit you pick up, everything will be ruined if you choose the wrong colour. No flashy colours, no neon’s, no glitter, no blingy outfits instead go for more subtle colours- blue, white, off-white, black and white, brown, grey are all safe colours to opt.

Accessorize right: You can add a nice understated yet classy belt and make it a point to match the colour of your shoes and belt. You can also include a nice small chain with a small pendant probably a diamond pendant and match small stud earrings with it. A classy and simple bracelet can also be added to further enhance your style. A good watch is also a must for both men and women.

Footwear: You need to be well-dressed from head to toe literally so make sure that the shoes are not ignored. Women should go for peep-toes or flats. Heels are not a great choice but if you are comfortable in it, you can go ahead with it.

Concentrate on your looks: It is better to tie up your hair to a neat pony and if it is short you could leave your hair open too provided it is neatly done up.

Well done nails- a must: Make sure you have been for a manicure in advance as hands are also very much on display to others. Dry and dirty hands with long dirty nails can be a put off to the interviewers. Women have to make sure that there are no half done nails. If you have long nails, make sure they are clean, in shape and apply a subtle nail polish to make them look attractive.

No strong perfume or cologne: It is better to avoid strong scents as you never know the interviewer might be allergic to the scents.

Minor points: Girls make sure you wear a good supporting under garment, preferably of nude colour and no revealing clothes. Pants should not sport any pleats and the length should be enough to touch your shoes, not more, not less! Last but not the least- make-up, keep it to the minimum and be pleasant through the interview.

The most significant thing is that you need to be comfortable in whatever you wear; if you are comfortable then you will exude confidence and will sail through the interview without any hassle. So get, set, go and rock the interview!!

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