Do you want to Sneeze Out your Sneezing Allergy?

There are millions who suffer from several different allergies. One such allergy that is commonly observed is sneezing. Individuals suffering from sneezing often try any and every form of medication however with limited results. So does this mean there is no way wherein one can heal this ailment? Of course there are several solutions available right in your kitchen.


Firstly let’s understand what is sneezing. It is an internal mechanism of our body wherein it safeguards us by driving out the irritants or allergens from our body’s system. The most common causes of allergy are dust, pollen, smoke etc. Similarly the changes in weather or a particular weather type may lead to allergy. Sneezing may lead to other problems like fatigue, nasal irritation etc. Sneezing in itself is not really a disease to worry over however if one is exposed to excessive sneezing it may cause frustration and loads of discomfort. Thus let’s know more on few handy home remedies for curing such sneezing ailment.

1. Using black pepper – About half a spoon of black pepper combined with lukewarm water consumed at least 2-3 times each day can reap amazing results. Similarly warm water with a pinch of black pepper effectively cures from any virus causing cold. One may as well flavour their salads and soups with black pepper in order to get relief from sneezing.

2. Let a cup of fennel tea cure your sneezing nose – A simple tea recipe with two spoons of powdered fennel seeds can reap amazing results. Soak the fennel seeds in the hot water for about 15 minutes. Have this drink twice a day and observe wonderful results. In order to retain the natural oils of fennel seeds, one is recommended to avoid actually boiling it with the water; instead add it to already boiled water.

3. A few petals of garlic – Respiratory infections are effectively treated by making use of garlic, owing to its several antiviral as well as antibiotic properties. Make use of garlic in crushed form and further by inhaling its strong scent or one may as well add it to their several recipes of salads or soups and benefit from its curing properties.

Turmeric and ginger when consumed or used in the similar pattern may offer one a great relief from sneezing.

4. Making use of filtration devices – One may make use of devices that are powered to filter contaminated air. Such elimination of pollen from the air can effectively control sneezing.

5. Inhale the valuable vapours – When boiled water is mixed with a few precious drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil, there are vapours released which when inhaled do wonders by soothing a sneezing nose.

6. The Gourd effect- A few gourd leaves when soaked in water for a while can be further crushed to extract its juice. One may take this juice either in a raw form or may add a little bit of honey to it before consuming. Such practise will control one’s sneezing ailment.

7. Consuming Vitamin C- Having a glass of lemonade or orange juice can heal your sneezing problem. Make sure that you are consuming vegetables rich in bioflavonoid that works like vitamin C. Consuming vitamin C can ease the lower production of histamine and help to get rid of the problem.

8. Fenugreek Seeds– Fenugreek seeds can be useful remedy to heal your sneezing problem. Boil some water and add 2 to 3 teaspoons fenugreek seeds in the water. Then drink this mixture for twice or thrice in day and kick your sneezing problem away.

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9. Oil of Oregano- The oil extracted from oregano can ease your nasal system and strengthen your immune system. Mix this oil with any the fruit juices and drink it regularly. Oil of oregano that is equipped with the antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and anti-inflammatory properties will help you to get out the sneezing problems.

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10. Drinking Chamomile tea– A cup of hot chamomile tea can offer you comfort, pleasure and a sneezing free life. This tea is full of antihistamine properties that can give you relief from the sneezing problem. You can put some honey in order to add a flavor and enjoy the tea.

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