DIY: Trendy Ponytail Variants

Who doesn’t love a ponytail? No matter how old it gets,a ponytail would always remain at the brim of current trends. Especially with so many novel and creative styles popping out every day. Today we are going to present you 4 unique and ravishing ponytail variants that you can try in the comfort of your home. So, let’s get started!

1.Wrapped side ponytail

Wrapped side ponytail

  • Start with dry hair but make sure you have some texture. You can use a mild spray to make sure of the same but it is not mandatory.
  • Take a triangular section of your hair from your crown and clip it above your head so that it doesn’t interfere with the rest of the part for the time being.
  • Now comb the rest of your hair back and gather it on one side of your head just behind the ear. Now secure it with an elastic band.
  • Now to embellish this further, take a small piece of hair, wrap it around your rubber band and secure with a small bobby pin.
  • Now remove the clip we placed earlier on the top section of the hair and let it free. Make a loose twist via your forehead to the side of your ponytail and secure the end with a hair pin.
  • You can add some more hairspray to show more texture and hold, but again it’s up to you.
  • That’s it, you’re done! Feel good just like a diva, for few people look as romantic as you do right now.

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2.Triple French braid

Triple French braid

  • Start by dividing your hair into 3 sections. Left, right and center.
  • Now secure the center with a hair pin and one of the side with a band so they stay out of the way for a while.
  • Start braiding the loosened side. Here’s how.
  • Start by again dividing it into 3 pieces. Take the right piece over the center piece, then take the left piece over that. Add a bit more hair to the current right piece and again cross it over the center one. Continue this until you reach the back of your head in which case just secure the braid using a bobby pin.
  • Do the same with other sections of hair and secure all the braids at the back.
  • Now simply put the remaining hair in a ponytail and you’re done!

This is an extremely useful variant for workouts or tedious work routines.

3.Three part ponytail

Three part ponytail

  • First brush your hair back and separate a section close to your temple.
  • Now gather all the hair above the temple and comb both the top, gathered part and the bottom left over part neatly. Tie the top part with an elastic band.
  • Now section the hair again, this time lower, near the level of your eyes. Grab all the hair above this section, comb it and secure it with an elastic band.
  • Finally grab the last section of hair, comb it and secure it with another elastic band.
  • Tips: While sectioning the hair, make sure each of the 3 sections get equal amount of hair.
  • You can also braid the last part of the hair to make it look a lot neater.
  • That does it! Your hair itself is now a head turner!

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4.Criss-cross ponytail

Criss-cross ponytail

  • Start out by sectioning off the hair 2 inches back from your hair line and keep these sections away from your main hairline.
  • Now gather the rest of the ponytail into a low ponytail and use an elastic to secure it.
  • Separate a small top section of one of the sides and pull it across to the other side at a slight downward angle and pin that in place.
  • Similarly take the top section on the other side and pull that across and pin it down making an ‘x’ like shape right there on that ponytail.
  • Next take the remaining section on one side and pull it across from below the ‘x’ shape and wrap it round the ponytail.
  • Do the same with the other remaining section of the hair and that’s it, you are done!
  • So there you go,4 of the best ways to put up a unique ponytail. Now go ahead, spend an extra few minutes and try one of those head turners!

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