DIY: How to Prepare Makeup Setting Spray at Home

Tired of shedding big bucks for getting a good makeup setting spray? Now, forget this and follow an easy-peasy way to make your own natural spray for setting makeup. We have come up with a simple DIY for you. Check out here:

DIY: How to Prepare Makeup Setting Spray at Home

Ingredients Needed:

Here is the list of ingredients that you need to collect for preparing your homemade makeup setting spray:

  • Pure vegetable glycerin (it is available in cooking stores, pharmacies, craft shops and even beauty stores)
  • Pure rosewater
  • Witch hazel
  • Filtered water (it is even better to use distilled water)

Supplies Required:

You need a few other things before getting into the action. These are:

  • A measuring spoon
  • A large spray bottle (It is needed for putting the final product in. If you do not have a spray bottle, take any bottle or container that comes with a nozzle)

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Method of Preparation:

Now, here is the simple and easy step-by-step procedure for preparing DIY makeup setting spray at home:

DIY: How to Prepare Makeup Setting Spray at Home

  1. Start with preparing the spray bottle or container for use. Cleanse and wash it well with isopropyl alcohol, regular spirit or simple hand sanitizer and then keep aside for drying. Meanwhile, get ready for the next part of your task.
  2. Take the measuring spoon and determine the required amounts of each of the ingredients so that you can come up with a perfect mix. We recommend that you blend 1 part of pure vegetable glycerin with 3 parts of filtered or distilled water. However, it is even better to add some more skin-friendly ingredients to it in order to make the spray more effective. For this, you need to take pure rose water and witch hazel each 2 parts.
  3. Now, take the dried spray bottle or container and pour the vegetable glycerin into it carefully. Add filtered or distilled water, rosewater and witch hazel to it one by one.
  4. Close the cap of the spray bottle and give it a good shake. Be a bit gentle during this step so that the bottle does not leak. It will help you combine all the ingredients thoroughly. The final product will be a clear and transparent liquid of light consistency.

Your homemade makeup setting spray is ready. Each time you are done with your makeup, spray it on your entire face 3 to 4 times. It will give you a fresh-looking flawless appearance all the time.

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Benefits of the Spray

You might be wondering what this homemade spray can actually do to your face. Well, here are the benefits that you can enjoy by applying it over your makeup:

  • It contains vegetable glycerin which, being a good natural humectant, can keep hold of water. It prevents then absorption of the spray into the skin. Rather, it lubricates as well as moisturizes the face perfectly by adhering to it, thereby offering a dewy finish.
  • It keeps the makeup fresh for significantly longer periods, even in those scorching summer days.
  • It contains no chemical compounds. The vegetable glycerin used in it is absolutely hypo-allergenic.
  • Rose water will tone up your skin and give a tight feel immediately.
  • If you are suffering from skin rashes or redness, rose water will soothe it and make the skin clear.
  • Glycerin may make the mixture a bit sticky. But as you are including witch hazel in it, this problem will go away.

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