DIY Okra (Bhindi) Hair Conditioner to Get Bouncy, Shiny Hair

Hair is a girl’s natural accessory therefore we all love our hair. Maintaining the texture of our hair these days when there are hundreds of things that can work against us is a struggle in itself. Although there are many products available in the market today that promises to be great for our hair, it is a tough task to pick the right one. The presence of chemicals in these products makes it even more dicey to purchase it.

Okra (Bhindi) Hair Conditioner

Hair loses its texture, thanks to the pollution as well as unhealthy lifestyle. Any damaged hair can be managed well with some products and one such product is a conditioner. A conditioner is supposed to be used after washing the hair in the end. The conditioner gives the required nourishment to the hair that it has lost after the wash. We have a whole lot of brands that spoil us with so many different brands of conditioners, but the natural recipes have its own charm. One such natural conditioner recipe can be made from the Okra or the ladies finger.

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What about Okra?

Okra is a vegetable but also a medicinal plant and it is enriched with antioxidants as well as Vitamin A and C and K, this makes it a miracle product for the hair as well as the skin. Okra contains Copper, Zinc, Potassium, Folate as well as Thiamine along with other useful nutrients.

Okra benefits for hair:

To add shine to your hair:

Okra does add shine to the hair. Use it as a conditioner and it imparts a shine quite naturally.

Eliminates dandruff:

Okra helps in getting rid of the dandruff apart from that it also enhances the overall condition of the scalp. Regular use of it ensures the prevention of dandruff too.

Adds bounce to the hair:

Limp hair is every girl’s nightmare, but not anymore. All you need to do is get your hand on some okra and boil it in some water. The remaining transparent mucilage is your magic potion to get the bounce back in your hair.

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Moisturizes the scalp:

If you are suffering from dry as well as itchy scalp then okra will help you through the situation. Okra helps in making your hair softer and it is not as harmful as other products that you get in the market.

DIY recipe of Okra conditioner:

  • Take around 8 okras and cut them horizontally. Take a pot and put 8 oz. of distilled water into it. Put the okra into it.
  • Place it on the stove and let it simmer away on low heat until the mixture achieves a sticky texture. Off the stove.
  • At this point you can add in a few drops lavender or mint oil for a nice fragrance.
  • You can also put some honey for extra moisture or lemon juice for fighting the dandruff.
  • Next keep the concoction to cool down. Once it cools, filter the mixture. Your Okra conditioner is read y to be used.

How to use the okra conditioner?

Your hair should be washed with shampoo first and rinsed off to remove the traces of shampoo from it. Gently squeeze off the excess water and then apply the okra conditioner through the hair, right from root to tips. Massage the scalp for a few minutes, after that rinse your hair well with water and remove the conditioner from your hair. Wash your hair off. The hair will be visibly soft, smooth and shiny.

Okra can be used as gel, conditioner and also as shampoo. It is great to give you healthy and strong hair along with nice shine too. This DIY Okra conditioner works well on all kind of hair. So be it straight or wavy hair, use this amazing recipe for your hair to get amazing result minus all the chemicals.

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