DIY Natural Cold Cream in Easy Steps

As the winter months come knocking at the door, you need to adjust your beauty regime rightly to avoid skin problems. It is observed that various skin problems such as dryness, cracks and white rashes appear during the winter months easily. Hence, it is highly important that you make sure to keep your skin moisturized and repaired all the time to avoid blisters and skin scars. No doubt you will find lots of cold creams and winter products available over the counter but these can never beat the excellence and benefits of homemade solutions.

DIY Natural Cold Cream in Easy Steps

Benefits of Using Cold Cream

If you want to enjoy the best natural benefits of cold cream, definitely a homemade one is the right choice to bank on. Before we move on to make your DIY natural cold cream at home, scroll below and know all about the benefits of using cold cream in a glance:

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1. It moisturizes the skin deep down and keeps your face nourished and soft.
2. Cold cream also makes for a handy makeup remover without fear of any side effects.
3. It smoothes the skin and promotes a clean essence easily.

Process to Make Your Own Homemade Cold Cream

Feeling confused and petrified about making homemade cold cream? Relax, as we are here to help you out. Below we give you the process to make some easy yet extremely effective homemade cold creams that you will simply fall in love with. Take a look:
To get the basic cold cream made at home, we will need some grated beeswax, distilled water, essential oils, borax solution and light mineral oil to start with.

Mix the beeswax and mineral oil together in a container and heat it in the microwave. Make sure that the mixture gets blended smoothly and softly together in right proportion.

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Stir it if needed to make it even and uniform. In another pan, add distilled water with borax and heat in medium fire. Remember that you should heat it gently in medium fire…do not boil it.

Now take the two pans off the oven and stir continuously.

Gently pour the content of borax and distilled water mixture into the wax and oil solution. Blend it properly and keep it aside to cool down.

Also mix the essential oils in it and stir vigorously until it becomes light and fluffy. Store this mixture in a clean container…you can even refrigerate it for almost 4-6 weeks.

Your homemade cold cream is ready to be used. However as a word of caution, do make sure that you are not allergic to beeswax.

DIY Natural Cold Cream in Easy Steps

Some More Information about DIY Cold Cream

As you know the basic process of making your natural cold cream now, there is always scope for improvement and experiment. You can add other nourishing ingredients such as honey, aloe vera etc to your cold cream that will make it exciting and engaging in a better manner.

For those who do not have the time to go through all these process of making homemade cold cream, it is suggested that you use herbal products which are made organically and purely. Get back a smooth and vibrant skin tone quickly in the wintry months with proper care and concern.

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