DIY Moon Manicure at Home

Moon Manicures are fast catching on French manicure. Actually French manicures are so polished, I doubt any other manicure technique can replace its popularity. But Moon Manicure comes close and it does look very pretty! You do not have to spend a moolah at the salon to get this fancy manicure done. Read our Step by Step Tutorial on Do it yourself moon manicure at home and you will be moon manicure ready in couple of minutes with these simple and easy steps.


What you’ll need:

Nail Polish Colour A
Nail Polish Colour B
Cotton ear buds
Nail polish remover
File Binders

Step 1: Apply the coat you would like to see as the base colour. Choose a nice and vibrant colour, moon manicures look best in exuberant colours. You can double coat the color, if it is a lighter shade or you just like the paint to be dark. Once you have applied the nail colour, let the nail paint dry out completely before you move on to Step 2.

DIY Moon Manicure at Home

Step 2: The circular file binders will now come handy. Paste them at a distance of half a inch above your cuticles. Now take the second nail polish, you want to create moon manicure colour block effect with. Apply it in the area above the binder. Slowly and neatly apply it, make sure that you avoid the nail paint from dripping in the binder area or gap. It’s okay if you mess the binder up but don’t let the second nail color get into the binder hole. After application of polish, let it dry completely.

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Step 3: It’s time to see the moon, your very own creative colour blocked, half moon manicure. This step is easy but needs to be done very carefully. It’s time to take those binders off. Peel them very slowly, in one go. If there’s any nail spill or any messy edges, take a cotton bud or cotton (in case the clean up required is more), pour some nail remover on it and carefully clean it up. Apply top coat to complete the manicure and your nails are now manicured just like the celebrities, in latest trend and style.

DIY Moon Manicure at Home

There are multiple ways to spot the moon manicure look. If you want you can apply binders before you start your moon manicure. It’s time to now paint your nails with colour. Once your polish dries out completely, take the binders off. This moon manicure will have the moon colour of your natural nails and to compliment it, the bright nail paint you applied.

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You can do a monochromatic colour combination of white base moon and black as your second colour too. It looks fabulous. Moon manicures look wonderful in complimentary two colours, adjacent colour wheel shades or even contrast if you like to go bold. The color play for this manicure trend, you can go as bold or subtle or pastel as your imagination takes you.

Do let us know how did the manicure turn up. (Pictures are even better!) How many compliments swooned your way. If you have any other manicure technique you want to let us know, do share it in the comment section or you can even mail us.

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