DIY: Marble Nail Art

Nails are not only an essential part of one’s body, but for a woman, they are also a way to show her creativity and a medium to portray herself in a way that many have known to use extremely well. Nail art is particularly famous all around the world and there are many different kinds of nail art that we get encounter. One such type is the marble art technique. Like every other art that is done on a nail, this too, is immensely creative and requires a lot of patience and skills. Which is why, we have listed down the following options for you as to how to go on about painting your nails using this technique so it becomes easier for you’ll while trying it.

DIY: Marble Nail Art

1. First, start with filtered water and if yours is refrigerated, Then heat it up in the microwave, just to make sure it’s as per room temperature. You can always use a throw in a small coffee cup that you have and can cut in half. These are a few basic supplies that will be needed.

2. Now, what you can do is apply a base of OPI beforehand so it will be helpful for your nails.

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3. Whenever you start, make sure all the lids are off. Here you just drop in a blob of your first colour, for eg: grey, and you’ll see it’ll spread.

4. Then incase the next colour you want to apply is white, drop in a blob of White, right in the center of the previous colour, in this case, grey.

5. Again drop in a blob of the OPI.

6. Now repeat the 3 colours again, till you are content with what the result looks like.

7. Then using a pencil, drag the polish into designs of your choice.

8. The design will most probably look like a spiral and if you’re pleased with it, go ahead.

DIY: Marble Nail Art

9. Try to tape it on each finger, using approximately 3 pieces of tape.

10. Then you pick up whichever part of the design you made and select it to paste it onto your nail.

11. After doing this, dip your nail into water, but at an angle, carefully.

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12. Once you have fully and completely  dipped your nail, take a pencil and then with your nail still in the water, swipe it around your nail, and this will pick up all the excess polish that’s there, so since you don’t want to ruin your nail, do this when you remove it from the water.

13. What you should do is then remove the tape, and do the rest the same way, re-doing the polish, dip it again.

14. Then here, with the help of some nail Q-tips, Make sure you clean up the excess polish from around your nails with absolutely pure acetone only.

15. Then once all your fingers are cleaned up, and your top coat has also been applied, this is your final manicure, and you are ready to go.

Nails can really enhance your personality and they look fabulous too. Painting nails is an art so incase you try it, make sure you do it wholeheartedly, it is bound to look well and you’ll be receiving some compliments pretty soon. Hope the above procedure worked out, incase you’ll have any queries, do let us know.

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