DIY Homemade MATTE Nail Polish

Want to flaunt some trendy look that adds glamour to your personality? Some small changes and add-on in your beauty process can do the trick for you. Yes, it can be really that easy. Yet not convinced? Well, then try out the MATTE Nail Polish look, that too at home with easy do-it-yourself steps, and be surprised at its excellence.

Why Use Matte Nail Polish

If you are not very fond of the glossy effect, the matte one can be the right choice for you. Not only trendy and fashionable, matte nail polish also reflects a bold and strong personality. Some of the prime reasons for you to bank on matte nail polish are stated below:

  • It is available in bright colors without the sheen, thus making it classy.
  • Matte nail polish is suitable for all occasions, be it a formal event or a night party.
  • Creative nail arts look better on matte nail colors.
  • It is more durable and long lasting than glossy options.

D.I.Y Homemade MATTE Nail Polish

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Homemade Matte Nail Polish: Simple Ways to Make IT

Different simple steps can be followed to get your matte nail polish effect in an effortless manner. Store your homemade matte nail polish in a clean container and use it at your wish. Eager to learn more…start reading below.

Mix your nail polish with corn flour: To bring out a matte effect in your nail polish, corn starch or corn flour is the most commonly used ingredient. Take a small shallow bowl and take 2 teaspoon corn flour in it. Pour your choice of nail polish color in it and mix it together with clear white polish and corn flour using the nail polish brush. Make sure that your polish do not become tacky or too thick. Keep it a little watery and paint your nails with this matte nail polish for an elegant look.

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Apply loose powder on nails: Another excellent way of adding a matte effect to your nails is through brushing loose powder instead of mixing it with the color. Unlike the previous method, you do not need to mix the nail polish with anything. Apply your choice of color smoothly on the nails and let it dry. Now take some loose powder on the nail brush and apply in on the nails. After 1 min, brush off the extra powders from your finger and enjoy an instant matte finish.

D.I.Y Homemade MATTE Nail Polish

Use eye-shadow for matte nail polish: The third homemade method of getting your do-it-yourself matte nail polish is with help of eye shadow and clear nail polish. Scrape some eye shadow from your makeup palate with a toothpick or fork so that it is in fine powdery form. Pour the clear nail polish on it and blend thoroughly. You can add little corn flour to this mixture in order to make it thick; however including corn flour is your optional choice.  Make sure there is no lump and it becomes a smooth matte color to try out.

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