How to detangle dry hair

When your hair is dry, weak and damaged, the thought of detangling it and all the hair fall that happens with it is horrifying. So much that I sometimes just tie up my hair after a wash to simply postpone the arduous job of detangling it. Well, there is a solution for all problems and I found that detangling dry hair too can be accomplished with some patience.

How to detangle dry hair

Before you shampoo:

One of the major culprits of entangled hair is the knots in your hair before shampooing. So the best practice is to oil your oil before shampooing and while doing so, use your fingers to partition the hair and run through the hair to remove any knots and tangles. This will ensure that you are stepping into the shower with tangle free hair.

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Condition after shampoo:

If you have very dry hair, make sure that you follow up your shampoo routine with conditioning the hair. That itself is half the battle won, since the conditioner will prevent your hair from getting entangled to a great extent.

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Alternatives for conditioners:

If the conditioner makes your hair too limp or if you do not prefer them per se, then you can smear some baby oil on your hands after shampoo and run your fingers along the length of your hair. This will loosen any knots in the hair.

Use a hair serum:

If you are short of time and want really quick fix results, use a hair serum on the length of your hair. This will smoothen the hair and get rid of any tangles in the hair.

Hair Serum to detangle dry hair

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Do it the traditional way:

If you wish detangle your hair without using any additional products, then skip the above steps and wait for your hair to almost dry out after shampooing.

  • If you have very long hair, then partition it into two halves, and put them on either shoulder.
  • Then use your fingers and work your way up from the ends of your hair, removing any tangles that are on the way. Removing the more stubborn tangles with your fingers will ensure minimal loss of hair. You can easily isolate a tangle with your finger and work only on that portion to disentangle it.
  • Now, use a wide toothed comb and repeat the process that you followed with your fingers- comb the ends of the hair first. Then start with the mid-length part of the hair. Once the length of the hair is tangle free, comb your hair from the scalp to the ends on both sides.
  • Next, use a brush or a regular comb and brush your hair well. Doing this will ensure that all the loose and damaged hair on the scalp is removed and you are left with soft and tangle free hair that is ready to be styled!

A few things to remember:

If your hair is very dry, remember to oil it well regularly.
Plait your hair every night to ensure minimum tangling the following day.
If your daily hairstyle is to leave your hair loose, then make sure you cover it with a scarf when you are out in the wind. This will prevent both sun damage and tangling.

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