Desk Etiquette – 7 Tips on What to Follow and What Not

If you are a working woman, you have to follow certain desk etiquette during your working hours. We often think that being polite to our colleagues is the one and only thing that should be our concern at workplace. But there are many other aspects of it. Here are 7 tips on desk etiquette that would help you in your way:

Stay Clean and Hygienic

Desk Etiquette

Imagine a workstation with stains of tea or coffee here and there, food grains scattered all over the place, ink or water spread over important papers, a thick layer of dust covering the keys of the keyboard and a completely muddy floor! Do you really feel that it should be yours? No way! Your workplace is a place where you spend the maximum time of your day right after your home. So, try to treat it just like your home and keep it clean and hygienic.

Keep Things Organized

Desk Etiquette

You are working as a sensible employee of your company and your desk etiquette should reflect it. Try to keep each and everything organized at your workstation as much as possible. Put all essential stationary as well as official items, such as papers, pens, highlighters, markers, and so on at the right places. If there is anything which is useless and you don’t need any more, simply throw it away. You’ve been provided bins for this purpose, right?

Don’t Stack Files at the Desk

A cluttered workstation is not only visually annoying, but it is highly unprofessional too. So, stay away from piling your important files and documents on your desk. Rather, clip them together, insert them in labeled folders and place them inside the drawer. You should also not stock up extra printouts or daily newspapers at your workstation. Get your drawer cleaned up in a regular manner.

Don’t Amass Personal Items

Never ever put your personal belongings on your desk. Be it your large stylish handbag or a small funky purse, you should always keep it inside the drawer. If you carry any other personal item like, headphone, car key, bluetooth, photo of your near and dear ones, etc. with you, make it a point that you do not keep those at your workstation. Rather, deck up the place with a calendar, a notepad, a pen, and anything else that would come handy in due course.

Don’t Eat or Smoke at the Desk

Having your lunch or munching on snacks at your desk is another bad practice. It not only spoils the hygiene of the place, but also makes your colleagues reluctant to come to your desk for any official purpose. Always throw the boxes or wrappers of packaged food items in bins. You should also never smoke at your workstation.

Make Right Use of Phones

Desk Etiquette

Do not take personal calls by sitting at your workstation. If there is no other way, try to speak in a low volume. Also, do not spend lots of time in talking over phone. Making personal calls from official telephones is also a strict no-no.

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