Deborah Milano 2in1 Long Lasting Eye Shadow Plus Primer Review

Eye-primers are used to enhance the shade and staying-power of eye shadows. While searching online, I saw this Deborah Milano eye shadow primer cum Eyeshadow; I love 2 on 1 products so I ordered it immediately.

Price: Rs 450

Deborah Milano 2in1 Long Lasting Eye Shadow Plus Primer


Deborah Milano 2in1 Long Lasting Eye Shadow Plus Primer

My take on Deborah Milano 2in1 Long Lasting Eye Shadow plus Primer:

Deborah Milano eye shadow plus primer comes in a small round pot like packaging which has a toothpaste-like cap on top. The tub is big and it contains huge amount of product which makes it affordable as it will last long. Since it comes in pot-packaging, you need to use your fingers for applying. Make sure you sanitize your hands well before using.

Deborah Milano 2in1 Long Lasting Eye Shadow Plus Primer

The shade of the primer plus eye shadow is of taupe color with slight shimmers in it. The shimmers give a metallic sheen to the primer. The texture is creamy and smooth that blends easily on lids. The primer is not very pigmented so you can layer it accordingly. When I use it alone I use more of the primer but when I use it beneath other shadows I use less amount of the primer.

When used alone, it looks good and adds sheen to my eye lids. To check the effectiveness of the primer, I first applied and blended it really well. Then, I applied other eye shadow and the results were amazing. It actually intensified and made the eye shadow shade more bold and vibrant. It enhances the staying power of shadows and my eye shadow stays intact without smudging, fading or creasing. It stays for 6+ hours on my eye lids which is pretty good and I’m satisfied with the staying power. Overall I am very happy with it and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Summing up the pros and cons:


  • Affordable as you’re getting a lot of quantity
  • Buildable color
  • Stays for 6+ hours without creasing/fading
  • The texture is smooth and fine that blends effortlessly
  • Doesn’t feel patchy
  • Shimmers are not very visible and funky
  • Can be used alone as an eye shadow by layering
  • Can be used beneath dark shades of eye-shadow
  • Intensifies the shade of eye shadow
  • Prevents eye shadow from fading
  • Keeps eye shadow intact when used beneath
  • Waterproof and sweat-proof


  • Deborah Milano products are not easily available in India
  • Shelf life is for one-year only, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish it up
  • Pigmentation is average
  • Packaging is not hygienic

Rating: 4/5

Final Verdict: It is decently pigmented; texture is smooth and stays for 6+ hours without creasing.

Mansi Chauhan

Mansi Chauhan is an engineering student. She is passionate about makeup and loves purchasing loads of beauty products. Besides writing & reviewing beauty products, she loves photography & reading novels.

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