How to Cut a Boyish Temple Fade

A ‘temple fade’ or ‘temp fade’ or ‘taper fade’ is a classic haircut, especially sported by young boys or grown men. But, lots of women are also leaning towards this low-maintenance hairstyle these days in order to get a smart boyish look. Are you also one of them? If yes then this article will help you immensely. Check out how to cut a temple fade just like a pro:

Temple Fade

Thing You’ll Need for a Temple Fade Cut

Detachable blade clipper, blades of (1/4)-inch, (1/8)-inch and (1/16)-inch.

Steps to Follow for a Temple Fade Cut

Follow this stepwise procedure for sporting a temple fade hairstyle:

Temple Fade

1. Start with cutting the hair present at the top of your head. The length will depend upon how long you want your top cut to be. Take the blade clipper and attach the (1/8)-inch blade on it. Then, start cutting from the crown area by using the grain and move towards forehead gradually.

2. Make sure that you are cutting the hair in a circular manner after finishing your task at the crown region. While reaching the round of the head, run the blade in the forward direction (along the growth of your hair).

3. Now, begin to create the taper by replacing the (1/8)-inch blade with the (1/4)-inch one on the clipper in the ‘closed’ state. Move the blade in an upward direction and create the taper transversely right from the temple to the upper part of the ear.

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4. Repeat the process twice with (1/8)-inch and (1/16)-inch blades respectively. Keep the lever of the clipper ‘open’ first and then ‘close’ it carefully while reiterating the process. You need to carry out the same procedure once again without attaching any blade with the clipper. However, its lever should be in ‘open’ position during that.

5. One more time, attach the (1/8)-inch blade on the clipper in the ‘closed’ state and move it all over the taper downward as well as backward carefully. This step is really important as it would help you get rid of the remaining hair present at that region of the head. In short, you will be absolutely ready for the final touch.

6. Now, it is time to taper your hairline and the backside of the head. Take the (1/4)-inch blade and place it on the clipper when the level is ‘closed’. Move it slowly towards the center of your ear. Once you are done with it, take the clipper away from your head.

7. After that, repeat the 5th step along your hairline in order to taper it properly. Also, redo it on the backside of your head for getting a neat look.

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8. You need to carry out the 3rd, 4th and 5th steps afresh on the opposite area of your temple too.

9. Finally, create the outline for your taper fade by forming a center cut right on your temple. You can easily get a center guide by pushing the detachable blade clipper against your hairline tenderly. Come up with a straight line to each of your temple regions.

10. You have to separate your temple area clearly. There must be a sharp angle where the front part of your hair meets your temple. Also, make sure that you form a curve up to the sideburn in order to get a softer look. Similarly, separate your ears by creating an outline around them.

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